Saturday, August 15, 2009

We are a Karate Family!

This summer Logan, Jon, and I joined Julien in taking karate lessons at Bobby Lawrence Karate. After one long year of watching his brother kick and punch, and practicing on the side line, Logan finally got to start karate. He was so excited. Jon followed suit, he said he always wanted to learn some kind of martial arts. Jon is actually pretty good. He is very powerful in his kicks and he is very flexible. A month or two later I decided to join to garanty a 2 dates a week with my hubby.

Logan: Shadow Fox Ninja
for his swiftness in action

Julien: Bear Claw Ninja
for his power and accuracy

Jon: Chuck Norris
because, well... isn't it obvious!

Maeva: As fluid as the stream Ninja
because she is so graceful it looks like dancing
(Hum I wonder why)

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