Monday, April 29, 2019

state bound

So proud of these two for making state with waterpolo!
Their team really has done a great job! 
They are a good team and they are both a great addition to it!

The moms got together on Monday night to make signs and posters to put up around the high school!
I am definitely the most artistic, but I did my best to show them how proud I am of their achievement!

little sweetie

Sunday, April 28, 2019


Tonight my computer officially died! ☠️ 💻 ☠️
A little somebody accidentally spilled water all over it! 🤯😱😭😭😭😭😭
I use my computer every single day. I blog, I like to edit the billion pictures I take of my kids, I cut music for dance, sometimes make family movies, I print lessons for church classes I teach......... i use it all the time for so many things. I am pretty upset about it. 😢😭
But I must say this, for the past few weeks I have had the very strong feeling that I needed to buy more storage to back up my computer to the cloud. I had over 60000 pictures 😬 and so much music and other various files. I had not backed it up in over 2 years. It took over 2 weeks for all my pictures and files get uploaded to the cloud. Loosing all these pictures of my children would have crushed me.

Yesterday one of my students messaged me asking for the cut of the song they would be performing to in June. It was the only song I had not emailed our studio’s audio and video guru. I sent it out to her reluctantly because I had not cleaned the cut. This, and me following through the impression of purchasing more cloud storage give a some peace to know that all our family pictures are safe somewhere on iCloud .... and I have a cut of the song in my email. 
Follow those promptings from the Holy Ghost, you will never regret it!
Now I just need to convince Jon to get me an early Mother’s Day present 💻🍎

couple of cuties all ready for church

Friday, April 26, 2019

staying cool in the pool

We love to take advantage of the pool during nice, warm, sunny days!

Little yard work of this guy!

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Sunday, April 21, 2019

love at home

I don't have enough pictures like this!
I love having all of my kiddos with me!

Easter egg hunt

This early Easter morning the Easter bunny came to our home and had a nice yummy little basket for each of our kiddos!

We then went to the porch for a little Easter egg hunt!
I think they were all happy with their findings!

Huntsville campout!

Every easter weekend that we have lived in Texas, we have participated in our tri-ward Hunstville campout. The Hunstville campout started about 35 years ago with a few families, it has since expanded and has now become a tradition to many of the ward members in our area.  
It is a lot of fun and our family looks forward to it every year.

Keilani and Eden eager to help Jon get the fire going.

Our Eagles, experts at putting up tents.


Getting the kids too bed is always an adventure when we camp!
They just want to stay up and play... but I want my relaxing down time by the fire too!

The first night we could not find Logan.
Later, Jon found him at a nearby camp eating bullfrog legs...
He, along with other youth caught and decided to eat them.
I was pretty upset!!! I know God made creatures on earth for us to use but I don't believe the boys ate them because they were hungry. I know Logan was not the ring leader but he willingly went along.

Julien nicely snuggled up not ready to wake up.

One of my favorite things about camping is the fact that Jon does all the cooking!!!
He is a seasoned master chef when it comes to cooking in the wilderness!

hot cup of cocoa

The kids just love riding bikes and scooters!

We had the best surprise on Friday morning!
Spencer Collins!!!!
It was so great to see him!

Bubble time!

Jon having a little down time in his hammock.

I love all the family time we get when we are camping.
There are lots of friends around, but we make sure to keep plenty of time with our own too!

Kiki and one of her best of friends Hazel

Popcorn popping!

<3 p="">
Jon and I taking a little us time with Keilani of course

We just love feeding the squirrels!

On Friday night we all get together for a potluck dinner and some skits.

Morning snuggles

This morning Jon made pancakes and breakfast burritos!

Poor Keilani accidentally fell into the ashes. 
Luckily the fire was out!

On Saturday is the annual Easter egg hunt!

Logan resting up before packing up!

little caterpillar


Camping at Huntsville was yet again a success!
Beautifully rejuvenating!
Til next year...

all packed up and ready to go!

3 tired kittens