Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kiki the monkey!

I'm totally impressed! Monkey bars are hard and kiki does them so easily!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

costume shopping!

Night out with these cuties tonight! Looking for costumes for our recital coming up in a few short weeks!

Found the perfect outfit for our lyrical dance

Friday, April 22, 2016

Schem compound!

Yet again we need to move compounds, but this is the best move yet! We get to live in Schem compound which is a compound with huge Saudi style home! This is the nicest and biggest home we have ever lived in since Jon and I got married. We are lucky to be able to move into a 4500 square foot home. Although there are not many people living there, the amenities are new and well kept. The compound provides a gardener and a house cleaner once a week. My life is being made super easy!

(I've been backtracking the blog. Some pictures I will be posting are from december 2017 hence the "illegal" "holiday" tree... in the background)

Our home!


front living room


dinning room


laundry room, walk in closet and storage room (typically used for a house maid)

family room (since this is a saudi family style home it come with 2 separate entrances and the house is divided in 2 sections, the man section and the female section. This segregation is customary especially while receiving guests.)

second entrance

We mainly used this room for homework, crafts, and hanging out.

play room

Second bathroom

stairs to second floor

upstair living room

view from the upstairs

Eden's room

Eden's room had its own bathroom

Julien and Logan's room (their bedroom was very large)

Kia Ora's room

Julien, Logan, and Kiki's bathroom

Master bedroom came in several sections

front room (where jon had his office as well as keilani's changing table and clothes)

Master bedroom

Master closet (huge closets wall to wall, floor to ceiling)

Master bath

The 3rd floor went to the balcony which was not useable because of all the satellite dishes  and AC units

view down to our yard and the street and rest of the compound

our yard. I loved that the house was surrounded with brick and pavement. The children love to go around and around the house with bikes and scooters.

Living at schem was a big blessing! The kids had the ability to go wherever they wanted without me worrying about cars, or people, or what trouble they could get into. It was a very nice and safe compound with amazing staff and employees.