Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sand Roses!

Today the boys did not have school so we went out in the dessert and dug for sand roses. 
The girls road together while the boys took care of the kids in the other cars! 
Great way to start a fun day!

Kevin loading up!

Norma and Kiki 

Chandler, Logan, and Matthew!

Hard at work!

What a face!
This kid is adorable!

Julien determined to find the best sand rose.

A bedouin was hunting with his bird.

Kiki and Ashley!

Eden and one of our awesome drivers Arun!
Eden had fun playing with him.

The boys had so much fun digging in the sand. 
I loved to see have such fun!

As I was walking around talking pictures, I stumbled across this...
the boys digging camel bones. They thought it was so cool.
All I could think of MERS!!!!!
and what if this was for some sort of a ritual...

Daddy and Eden

Eden and Eva

Beautiful Ashley arms full of sand roses

Kia Ora always on the search to find "baby" sand roses!
This girl is so sweet!

I did some digging too.......
.... a little!
Alright, I just posed pretending to work.
I was having to much fun taking pictures and watching others have fun digging!

More fun in the dessert playing with a rusty old truck!

Yap that is Logan dragging the remains of a camel behind him!
Uhhh! BOYS!

I love these pictures of Logan and Matthew and Julien and Chandler.
It is so great that the boys have found great kids to play and hang out with. 
They are such good friends and truly bring out the best of each other.

Eden talking a break from the wind and sand!

Our drivers digging away helping us find the best spots to dig!

These guys are awesome!

Our finds!

I know my hair is so out of control in this picture,
 but I love it anyway because it is a picture of me and my boys!

The fam/ the ones I love most!

Our group! 
It was great day spent with amazing friends!

On our way back to the freeway we saw some camel grazing.
I love to see camel roaming in the wilderness.

After our sand roses trip we stopped for a quick bite to eat before going to one of Jon's co-workers house.

Homed teaching Jon and to wear the keffiyeh properly.

Homed's wife Sara taught me how to wrap my hair with the scarf and tie on the niqab.

I love this picture of Jon and I! I think it is pretty funny!

Homed, Jon, and Julien

Homed than took us to his camel farm. 
We warmed up in his shelter because the wind had kicked up and it started getting cold.

Kiki and Eden looking at the camels.

Up close and personel with the camel! 
They are so BIG! It was kind of intimidating!

Our good looking Julien sporting his thobe!

Homed and Eden!

Homed and Jon

We saw a cute baby sheep of a few days old!

Logan trying to keep the wind and sand off of his face!

Our handsome Logan!

Our beautiful princess Kia Ora!

This girl is so beautiful!

Today was a wonderful day full of adventures!
Digging for sand roses was so fun and ending the day at Homed's camel farm was just amazing.
I am grateful that he rearranged his schedule to take us there and show us around. 

Together forever!
Strengthening our family unity one memory at a time!