Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Now Have an 8 Year Old!

Julien turned 8 today. I still can't believe how fast children grow. Julien is a very sweet and kind boy. He loves to make other people happy. Julien has a big, gentle heart. We are so proud of him, and love him very very much.

For his 8th birthday, I wanted to do something special. With the help of Jon and my friend Danica, we made and decorated 3 delicious ice cream cakes super hero style. The cakes were a moist turtle brownie base with a choice of cookie dough, sunday caramel swirl, or chocolate cherry ice cream. It was so good.

After singing, and eating cake we went outside to open gifts, and finish the party with a water fight.

Julien was spoiled with gifts. But his favorite gift by far was his Transformer's skateboard. He carries it everywhere. He has actually gotten pretty good in such a short amount of time.

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