Saturday, August 8, 2009

Julien got baptized!

It is crazy how fast time fly's by. It seems like yesterday, Julien was just a little baby that I would rock back and forth, and back and forth, on the lazy boys to put him to sleep. And now look at how big and bright he has gotten. We are so happy to have him be a part of our family. His baptism turned out so nice. It was a rather small ceremony with just a few friends, and family members, but the spirit through out the meeting was so strong.

Below are a few shots we took before and after the baptism.

Our cute little family: Jon, Logan, Julien, and I

Jon and Julien

The 2 brothers, Logan and Julien

All of us with my family with Joey, Audrey's boyfriend

My parents and Julien

The cutest aunts ever: Audrey and Kim

The most handsome uncles: T, Raph, and Alex

My aunt and uncle, Marie-Lise and Paul

Julien with his best friend RJ

Jon and I got Julien his very own set of scriptures with a carrying case, along with his first journal and a poster of the Army of Helaman to emphasize the desire to look up to rightoeus and noble heros from the scriptures. Julien has been reading his scriptures almost every night since his baptism, and sometimes he even does not want me to turn off the light for bed (I'm not sure whether he really wants to keep reading or because he just does not want to go to bed?!? Either way, I like it!)

Here is a picture of the postcard invitations I made for Julien's baptism.

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