Friday, August 7, 2009

"We are a happy family!"

This week we were the whole family was reunited. Audrey and Kim, along with Joey (Audrey's boyfriend) came down for the week end for Thiefaine, and Raphael's missionary farewell. So we had time to hang out and have fun as a family. On Friday everning, we went up Provo Canyon and roasted hot dogs, smores, banana boats, and ate popcorn that Jon cooked up for us on the camp fire.

During dinner, it started to rain a little; and we each found a unique way to shelter ourselves from the rain...
Audrey and Joey - a chair

My dad and I- a trash bag of course

Raph- a blanket
By the way, is that picture not hilarious, I love it!

The boys played football, and took the tackling a little too seriously.
Poor Raph, you can't even see him under there.


Sister Sister
It was so great to see Audrey and Kim, and spend time with them.
I love them so so much.

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