Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to the most beautiful girl of all!

Kia Ora turned 1 years old today, it was a very bitter sweet feeling for me. I am excited for her to grow, learn, and get older; yet I am sad that she is no longer in that tiny little infant stage. We are so lucky to have Kia Ora in our lives. I truly feel blessed. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl of all. She already has such a strong personality; she is assertive, and a cute and sassy girly girl. She loves to hug and kiss us all. She is crazy about her two older brothers. We are enjoying every moment of her.

Below are a few pictures from a photoshoot I did from her special day.






Kia Ora got a baby doll for her birthday. She just loved it so much. She was kissing it all day, and wheeling it in her shopping cart. It was just too cute.



Birthday CupCake!

Kia Ora was so funny as we were singing Happy Birthday to her, she was acting nonchalant about things piking at her fingernails. It was too cute. But when it came time to dig into her cupcake after some encouragement of course, she had so much fun, and left quite a mess for me to clean up.



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Logan!

 Logan turned 8 years old today. I can't believe how fast the days, months, and years pass by. I still remember him as a little baby, and toddler, and young child. Logan is such a cute boy. He is so smart, and talented. He is a great little helper around the house, and an even greater helper with his little sister Kia Ora. He is a great big brother, Kiki adores him so much. He has the most adorable face. I love to hug and kiss him; I hope this lasts for at least another 8 years. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I love him so very much.

This morning I made pancakes and a fruit salad for breakfast after which we opened one of his presents.


Jon creeping up on Logan with his present.


Logan decided on pizza for his birthday dinner. I was a little skeptical since Logan hates cheese, but after confirming several times that it was exactly what he wanted, I went ahead a picked up pizza. Well... indeed he ate pizza with no complains, he simply scraped the cheese off before eating the slice.


Logan opening one of his presents from Mami and Papi.


After dinner we headed to the pool to tryout his new snorkel.






Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exercise Time w/ Coach Jon

 Today Jon took us to the park for some exercise. He had us to laps and soccer drills. It was so fun to be outdoors and playing ball with the boys. We all got a good workout. While we played, Kia Ora played with her little phone, answering it by saying A O! It was so cute that I had to pull out the camera to take a video.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Brazos Bend State Park

Today we went to Brazos Bend State Park to enjoy some time in nature. The kids were able to touch some pretty cool and scary creatures like a tarantula, an alligator, and a snake.  Logan just went for it and was not afraid to pet them, Julien however was not so sure about it.

We saw really cool wild life. It was cool because the animals were not at all afraid of getting close to us...


...which can be scary when those animals are ALLIGATORS!  Yap that is right there were two alligators there hanging out. One of the people on the dock was fishing and before he left he threw his live bait in the lake right to the alligator. The alligator opened his mouth so wide and snapped to fish with so much quickness and force, it was frightening!

Julien and Logan too wanted to fish, and were actually hoping to catch an alligator. 
They are to funny.

On our way home we stopped by this cute little man's home who was selling some of his fruits, and vegetables, along with other homemade product from other locals. I bought a jar of honey because I love honey and was so intrigued. It is really good honey.