Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School!

Summer has come and gone so fast this year, faster than I can ever remember. And once again, it is time for school to start, along with our hectic lives. Julien is entering the 3rd grade, and he is so excited. His new teacher Mrs. Hoover seems very kind and sweet. We are excited for him too and hope he has a good year, full of learning and growing happily.

Logan posing with his 1st day of 1st grade outfit full of stains from breakfast. Don't you love that! He too is excited about 1st grade, he has two teachers this year, Mrs. McKinney, and Mrs. Torres. They seem very fun, and nice also. We also wish him to have a great year.

Funny story:
So Logan and I went to his SEP conference where his teachers explained to me how their class is run and what to expect. They also tested Logan to see where he stood academically at the beginning of the year. The test took about 30 minutes, and the last test question was to make a sentence with words the teacher would tell him.
"Logan, the first word is jump," Mrs. McKinney says. Logan responds, "Rabits jump." "OK great" Mrs. McKinney says, "second word is cat." "Cats bite," Logan answers. Mrs. McKinney finally asks Logan "do you think you could make your sentences a little longer?" "OK" he says. She reads him a couple of other words, he makes his sentences longer, and more thought of. When she arrives to the final word, ever. Logan, the smarty pants that he is says "Boy, this is really taking FOREVER!" We all looked at each other and had a pretty good laugh. It was very cute.

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