Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School!

This year I have a 7th grader as well as a 6th grader and a preschooler. This is Kia Ora's first year in school, she will be going full day. It is quite a lot of someone so little!

Off to the school bus

I decided to ride with Kiki on her first day. 
I was probably more nervous than she was.

She found her cubby, but her name was spelled wrong.

As soon as she found her chair she sat down and started working, or playing...

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Eden!

Eden turn 1 today! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. He is such a sweet boy. Eden loves to smile at everyone. He is a very happy baby. He loves to kiss those he loves most, dance, play with his siblings, wave, swim, play ball, climb stairs, scoot (not crawl), and snuggle his mommy!


Opening his present!

Cute Logan decided to read Eden the Very Hungry Caterpillar book to Eden since it was the theme of his birthday party.

Clean face before the eating of the cake!


Monday, August 18, 2014

lettuce for breakfast!

This girl insisted on having lettuce for breakfast! So lettuce it was!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014


This is what happens when I go shopping with kids! I find lots of extra goodies while putting groceries away!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


T, Maruia, Raph, and Scarlet knew how tired I was so they took all the kids and sent me straight to bed where I took a much needed 2 hour nap!

While I was recuperating, T and Raph made a huge water slide for the kids. They had so much fun! I am bummed I missed the fun but was glad they had such an good time.

Our Utah stay was very relaxing. We mostly hung out at the house, swam, played card games, or bocce ball, watched movies... . The boys joined the swim team, had rock climbing lessons, and sport activities, which Kiki did ballet and gymnastics which she loved.

Water fight!

The coolest aunt ever!

Bocce Ball!

Eden and Papi!

Gymnastic class!

Ballet class

First outing at our favorite burger joints, Five Guys Burgers and Fries!
Sadly their fryer was broken so no fries for us :(

Having fun with uncle Alex!

It's a car wash!

Kiki made these little banana fritters with Maruia! YUM!

Kiki and one of her most favorite people of all times, Auntie Maruia!
Kia Ora loves Maruia. She is always at her house hanging out cooking with her.
Maruia is also teaching her Tamoure (Tahitian dancing), and Hula!

Maruia made Kiki this cute little Tahitian skirt with matching top!

The ongoing Risk playing tradition!

Someone sweet!

BYU Cougar!

"That's right, I'm cute and you know it!"

I got a little sandbox which Eden and Kiki absolutely loved!

One of the days we were there my mom made a delicious bacon wrapped chicken in her dutch oven! 
What a treat!

Bebe Gabriel is born!
After much anticipation, baby Gabriel finally decided to enter this world.
He was born on July 19th. 
This babe is so sweet!

Our little princess in the new dress Mami bought for her!

Kiki playing with her cousin Scarlet!

This girl loves babies, so she was thrilled to be playing mommy with baby Ivory!

Ivory and Eden

Happy Birthday Logan!
Eleven years old already!

Logan is such a great kid. He is so smart, talented, funny, and kind. He loves his family. He is so helpful with his younger siblings Kia Ora and Eden. We love him so very much!

Timeshare in MIDWAY!

I booked our Midway timeshare for a few days so that we could spend some time with Jon's parents since we don't see them very often. 

Midway is so beautiful!

Every time I book one of our timeshares I am so impressed. 
They are so well put together, and it feels so relaxing to be away from everything else.

The boys enjoyed playing chess and other board games with David and Christy Ann.

Starr and Sam stayed with us one night.
Picture of all the cousins!

We went to a nearby lake so the kids could fish and play at the park.
It was very relaxing!

Fishing no fish!
After many attempts the fish did not bite 
(not that we would have ate it or anything)!

Bocce Ball

Playing at the park with Grandpa!

Eden and Julien!

Pool Time!

One of the nights we were there the kids watched a documentary about Big Foot! After that they were obsessed with it, reenacting the scenes of the documentary. These kids are too funny!

Jon's mom always comes with so many gifts and treats for the kids!
They are so spoiled! They were sure happy to open up some surprise gifts for their birthdays!

Family Picture!
Kiki and Eden are pretty miserable in this picture. Our last night at the timeshare Kiki threw up the entire night. She felt pretty horrible, and Eden was just tired and ready for a long nap.

Although our visit with Jon's parents was short it was filled with much fun.
The kids really enjoyed spending quality time with them catching up on all of their adventures.

Pioneer Day Parade!

Special appearance!

Kiki loved every moment of this parade. 
She was front and center, waving as fast, as high, and as enthusiastically as she could!

"Scarlet's bebe" (says Kiki)

Gabriel was so cute in his little kermit the frog outfit 
that I could not resist taking a few pictures of him in it! 

Mami's Birthday Celebration!

For my mom's birthday my dad rented a condo in Midway. 
We headed to the pool right away!

We than came back to the timeshare to celebrate with a low calorie cake Maruia and I made. 

Scarlet's family joined us for dinner and a fun game of Big Buda!

 T, Maruia, Alex, and the kids and I stayed at the timeshare on Friday night, we headed back to Draper around lunch so my parents could have a quiet, and relaxing rest of their mini vacation!

Before heading back we visited the Homestead Hot Springs Crater!

I love this panoramic picture my dad took.
My left arm and part of my left foot is missing! lol!

Gabriel's baby blessing!

Cutest couple!

Happy Birthday 4th Kia Ora!
We just can't get enough of this girl. 
She is so cute, smart, fun, full of energy, sweet, yet can be a little too dramatic.
She loves to take care of babies especially her baby brother. 
We love her so much and feel very blessed to have her in our family.

Maruia once again made Kiki the cutest Tahitian dress!

Funny Papi!

Open wide!
One by one we got our teeth cleaned at Dr. Dunn's dental office.

It was Kia Ora's first time at the dentist. 
She was a little nervous at first but she surmounted her fear and climbed onto the chair.
What a brave girl!



To celebrate all the birthdays, and events that have or will be happening in the near future, my mom planned a fun activity, a piñata!

Scarlet's mom (Lucia) giving pointers to Kiki!

Logan hit the piñata so hard that he broke the stick!

Thanks to Alex we all got candy!

T taking Logan down who was hogging all the candy.

This girl is so smart, using the piñata as a bucket for all her goodies!

Happy 13th Birthday Julien!
I can't believe I now have a teenager on my hands.
Please please please don't grow up to fast.
Julien is such a great kid/ teen. He is a very hard worker, and is so helpful. 
\He will do whatever you ask of him and not even complain. He is so smart, and has a pretty great sense of humor. I love to spend time with him. We are so grateful to have him be a part of our family.

Piñata princess warrior!

Time to go home!
Being in Utah spending time with family was great, but we sure missed Jon and were glad to soon be reunited as a family!

The Chicago airport had a dinosaur exposition. 
It was pretty cool to see a long neck in the airport.

Lunch, or dinner

Tired and ready to be home!