Sunday, September 23, 2012

Julien's first Boy Scout campout + adopt a beach clean up!

This weekend was filled with adventure for some of the Wards. Julien's eleven year old scout troop tagged along with Jon's scouts for a 4 mile hike down the beach to their designated camp site. It sounded pretty exhausting since they had to hike down with all their gear under 86 degree weather.

Julien packing up


All ready to go!


Julien said he had an awesome time. He was the troop's photographer since he now has his own camera (thanks to Jon's parents).  He even found a dead stink ray.

 Hiking down!

Jon and Julien both agreed that it was a lot of fun for the exception of the mosquitoes. They had been eaten alive, especially Jon who slept in a hammock. He had welts all over his body.

The next day Logan, Kiki, and I joined the scouts for an adopt a beach clean up project sponsored by DOW. It was a lot of fun. They had shirts, cloves, trash bags, water, and lunch for everyone who participated. We will be excited to be part of it again next year.

Logan hard at work

Kiki too was picking up trash!

Saturday, September 8, 2012



Today Jon rocked at his very first triathlon! Some co-workers at DOW were competing as a team and were missing a swimmer so Jon jumped in to save the day. He did awesome! And I think I managed to talk him into doing another one with me.

Jon showing off his awesome freestyle stroke

 Jon and his team

We celebrated Jon's accomplishment with Kolaches!