Saturday, December 28, 2019


As soon as we got home, the kids rushed to the living room to see if Santa had come to our home. And he sure had! They were so excited to see all the presents under the Christmas tree.

Logan got a guitar

Julien some cologne and a CTR ring

The 3 littles all got a new set of wheels, even Ruby our hamster.

Christmas Vacation!

Knowing that this year was going to be one of the last time we would be together as an entire family, my brother Thiefaine got us plane tickets to spend Christmas in Utah. What a treat! I was so grateful and excited to see my family! Since we were going to be gone for Christmas Day I set up all the presents under the tree while the kids were still at school! I knew they would be excited to walk into another Christmas upon their return.

Day 1: Traveling to Vegas
The plane tickets flew in and out of Vegas so we were able to spend a few days at Jon's parents house.

Day 2: Cookies with Grandma
Jon's mom is so crafty and always does fun things for the kids. Today they made cookies! Even Jon wanted some of the action.

Video Chat with uncle T who we were every excited to see in a few days!

Day 3: Dinner with Brannon
The next day we planned a nice dinner with Brannon and Jamie. Jamie's mom was in town visiting as well. We ate a delicious dinner and played games.

Day 4: Drive to Mami and Papi's house!
As we were driving up to my parents house in Utah, my mom advised that they were still not feeling well. (all had been sick over the past week or so) So they made arrangements for us to stay at Raph and Scarlet's house.  Kiki was so happy to see her little cousin Saoirse and Eden see Gabriel and Benji!

Day 5: Kiss my Ax with T
Uncle T and aunt Maruia stopped by with Teave and bebe Kelenn! Later T, Jon, Julien and Logan went to Kiss my Ax to throw all sorts of sharp objects to targets. They had a blast!

Day 6: Family time and sleepovers
Mami and Papi were in the clear so we headed over to their house to have some awesome family time.

Uncle Alex is so very cool!

Eden and Teave really wanted to have a sleepover so off Eden went to his very first sleepover!

Day 7: Quarantined

So it happened Kiki woke up in the middle of the night vomiting... I thought we might get sick since all who were around us had been sick, but was hoping that none of us would. Sadly Kiki was the first. I got a message from T that morning letting me know that Eden too have vomited during the night. I felt awful! So 2 out of 7 had been hit.... who would be next. (Logan threw up one time, but the rest of us were spared! I was so glad)

T took the boys to do some archery!
Julien and Logan loved that!

Day 8:Gingerbread houses, Dinosaur Museum, and Christmas Eve
All were better, just in time for Christmas!
Keilani spent the day making gingerbread houses with Sadie.

Jon, Raph, and T took all the littles to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving point.
The kids had a blast!

The rest of us played Taro!

We then had a delicious Christmas dinner!

We finished the evening with more games, more food, more fun!

Last bake of the Buche the Noel for 2019!
This year was a record break for me as I made 8 Buche the Noel this month!
That was a lot of baking!

We tracked Santa! The kids loved that!

Finally all were asleep and we could start our work!

Day 9: Merry Christmas!

We woke up to a beautiful white Christmas! It was quite a treat! The kids patiently waiting to T and Raph's family to get here to open presents. As we waited with watched the Christmas video the church released and ate some Pain au Chocolats!

We were all spoiled!

Once all the unwrapping was done. The children wanted to spend a little time in the snow. So we went out and made a snowman!

Julien and Logan to the school behind my parents home to do some sledding!

meditation before bed! lol!
It was quite an eventful and  exciting day!

Day 10: All American and Date night at Bombay House
For our last day in Utah we took the kids to All American for arcade games, mini golf, lazer tag and bumper cars. T and Raph met us there with their children.

This little bug has had too much fun!

We headed to Inn N Out for lunch than back to my parents for Galette des Rois!

That night Jon and I went to one of our favorite restaurants, Bombay House!
It was as delicious as I remembered it!

Day 11: Headed home
Time to head home! We had a long day ahead of us since we had to drive back to Vegas and our flight was not until 1 am the next day.

We decided to stop by the strip since we had a few hours before needing to return the car and check in. We went to the Bellagio hotel and visited the beautiful decorated gardens, watched the fountain show. We then walked to the Paris hotel for some delicious french pastries and made our way back to the car and airport!

Everyone was exhausted and ready to be in their own beds!
But I as I think back on all we did and the time we were able to spend together, although my body is tired, my heart is full of joy and gratitude!
Families can be together forever!