Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday!

I decided to prepare a nice dinner to celebrate Easter. It was so good everyone enjoyed it.

 The highlight of dinner was definitely desert! A bunny carrot cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. YUM!

 I surprised the kids by putting their swim team shirts with their names in their Easter basket. They really liked them.

Tri-Ward Hunsville Campout

 The Angleton Ward, Lake Jackson Ward, and Brazosport Ward put on an annual family campout in Hunsvillle, TX. The wards reserve 30 to 40 campgrounds, bring sail boats, canoes and hang out for 2 to 3 days. It was an absolute blast. The kids loved hanging out with friends playing games, while the adults hung out and relaxed.

 Kiki loved digging in the sand.

Julien and Jacob playing cards.

Julien and Logan going out on the lake with their friend Korben.

On Saturday morning, Sister Collin's planned an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. Both old and small enjoyed chasing after the eggs.

Kiki loved looking for eggs, she did not want to stop.

Logan going as fast as he can.


 Happy as can be for all the candy they found.

Jon and I took to canoe out several times It was so nice to be out on the lake. It was so relaxing.

Funny story, that was not so funny as it happened. An hour before leaving, Jon and I really wanted to take the canoe out one last time to go look for alligators. Logan and Kiki decided to tag along with us.  Kiki not really having the choice in the matter. We arrived at the place where I had seen an alligator earlier that day while going on a 6 mile walk around the lake with some of the sisters of the tri-ward with Kiki in an umbrella stroller (might i add that the trail was not paved)...Yes! That was fun! (although my tone is sarcastic it actually was a lot of fun, just really really long to push her and carry her thirty and hungry and tired).
Anyhow, we arrived at the spot where I had seen an alligator earlier that day,  and the canoe capsizes with all of us inside. I slightly freaked out, because I could not touch the bottom of the lake, and kiki screamed being scared with her life jacket not fitting quite right, a little worried for Logan who knows how to swim but it is more difficult to swim with a life vest on, all the while in the back of my mind thinking that there was a gator in the exact spot 2 hours earlier.
Jon calmed me down, asked Logan to swim shore which was no more then 25 yards away, and asked me to help him push the boat back to shore.
What did we do with Kiki might you asked? Well, worry not for as I was fluttering my legs in an attempt to swim to shore while pushing the boat with my left hand, my right hand was gripping, lifting Kiki's life jacket up trying to keep her head above water.
After arriving to shore, Jon and I flipped the canoe, got everyone back on the boat with all of our limbs intact and headed back.
That was quite an adventure.

The Hunsville Tri-Ward campout was awesome. We can't wait til next year!

Sunday, April 1, 2012