Monday, January 23, 2012

Kemah Boardwalk with Grandma and Grandpa

This past weekend  Jon's parents came down to Texas to see us. During their stay we went to Kemah Boardwalk, which is pretty much a boardwalk with rollercoasters, restaurants, and small souvenir shops. It was quite relaxing to just hang out and watch Julien and Logan have so much fun riding the rides. They were fearless. I believe we all had a nice, enjoyable, relaxing day.

Beautiful Kiki

Julien and Logan so excited to ride the rides!

Julien and Logan looking at the boats out at sea.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Waiting home for us after our trip to Utah was a package from my awesome sister Kim. It was a game/ treat box. Our favorite game in the box was the Jelly Belly Beanboozled game. The game was simple, each colored jelly bean in the box had two flavored associated with it, a good one, and a disgusting one. On your turn, you simply spin to see which color you are to eat. I did not play, but it was fun to see Jon and the boys land on the gross ones like rotten egg, and skunk spray, or dog poop.

Logan did pretty good being a good sport and trying everything he got. Unfortunately, he did end up hugging the toilet bowl in the end.

Thank you Kim for a night full of laughs! We love you very much!

Monday, January 2, 2012

There and Back Again. by Maeva Ward

Adventure #1- Drive to Boulder City!

After surprising the boys, we headed home so we could take a little nap before the long drive. We left the house around 8 pm and arrived to Las Cruces, NM around 9:30 am (4 hours before we could check into our hotel for the night), so we decided to drive on the Phoenix to meet up with our dear friends the Lewis Family which was only 5 hours away. Once we arrived in Phoenix, we found out that our friends were very sick (one of their little girls was even hospitalized). Not wanting to get sick ourselves we decided to just drive on another 4 to 5 hours to Boulder City, NV were Jon's parents live. By that point we had been up for over 35 hours (because frankly a little 1 hour cat nap before our departure was not long enough). As we drove the last 2 hours before reaching Jon's parents house, it felt like the miles and clock were at a stand still. It felt impossible to keep going, but with enormous self control, focus, and new and bizarre conversation topics we made it to our destination, and were very relieved that we could finally get some sleep.

Adventure #2- Grandma and Grandpa's house!


The boys were very excited to have arrived at their Grandparents house whom they had not seen in over 2 years.

Jon's mom took us to a Polar Express type train ride, where the kids got to meet Santa and Mrs. Clause.

The kids had fun getting chased by the train, handing wood to the conductor, and walking on the railroad tracks.


We got to see Jon's sister Starr along with her husband Sam, and baby Scarlet. Logan enjoyed playing cards with Sam, while Kiki enjoyed playing mom with Scarlet, while Jon enjoyed a nice massage from Starr who is a massage therapist.




We got to meet up with Brannon and enjoy a nice lunch with him. After which we hung out at a very cool park where the kids played.

Kiki was so funny, she just crawled up onto Brannon's lap and just stared at him. I think she was curious and confused as to why he looked so much like her daddy.




Before our departure to Utah, we were able to exchange our Christmas gifts. The kids were very excited to get an angry bird board game which they had been playing on our iphones and Jon's dad's ipad. 

Here is Jon playing angry bird on the ipad!

We all had a great time except for Oswald whom Kiki would not leave alone.

Adventure #3- Utah! 

Getting on the rode again made me cringe because of the way Kiki is in the car, but I was eager to get to my parents house. We decided to make a quick stop by Cove Fort to visit the Hinckley home and learn more about what the cove was used for. It was very cool.

 During the drive Jon, the kids, and I were debating on ways we could surprise the family since no one knew we were coming. We came up with things like just hanging out in their hot tub outside and waiting until someone figured it out, or just being in their living room watching TV when they got home for the day. We ended up just walking into the house like it was no big deal, as if we had just come back from the store. Everyone was pretty shocked! It was so fun and kind of emotional to see everyone's reaction. We were so happy to be together.


Being home was so relaxing as always. My mom loves to spoil us and take care of us. She is the best! Julien and Logan loves playing with T, Raph, and Alex.


And so did Kiki!

One of our family traditions is to go see the lights and the nativity sets around Temple Square. It was cold!!!

Kia Ora giving Kim a big kiss!


They quickly became best friends after Kim read her an awesome instructional booklet of the Risk game. It was hilarious seeing how interested she was!

Here is a picture of the boys during our annual ginger bread house building contest.

This year, like every year, we were all spoiled. 

 Logan playing with his new lego ninja niago set!


Audrey loving her Kiki and Kiki loving her Audrey


One of the nights we were there, I received a suspicious anonymous note. 

Yap that is right a ransom note!
I quickly go upstairs and come upon this site.


followed by this....(things got a little weird! LOL!)

and this...


and this!

Finally the Kister was returned to her family safe and sound having slept through the whole thing.

An awesome Papi! My dad took Julien and Logan to the canyons to do some snowmobiling! Well you can only imagine how 8 and 10 year boys feel about that. They did not stop talking about it for days. They had so much fun. 





 Oh how we love the Caramel!


Family Pictures!


Adventure #4: The long drive home!

On the way back we really wanted to do some site seeing to break up the drive. Our first and favorite stop was Arches National Park! It was gorgeous, and would love to go back and spend more time hiking the trails and taking in the beautiful scenery.

We got there around lunch time and decided to stop for a little pick nick before our visit.

Balanced Rock!

Julien and Logan had so much fun hiking, climbing, looking down the cliffs.

Cute little hubby taking a break from all the walking around!


Wolf Ranch!

Our next  and final stop was the famous Big Texan restaurant (a steakhouse that serves 72 oz steaks).
It has been featured on many food shows. To be honest the steaks were great, the side dishes are not even worth having. But it was all about the atmosphere and experience for us.

The kids got free cowboy hats!

Our trip was long and tiring, but it was so worth it. We were very grateful for being able to see and spend time with family.