Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This year, I had to work on Halloween which was a bummer because I didn't get to see the kids go out and trick or treat around the neighborhood, and poor Jon had to be Mr. Mom. We did get to celebrate as a family at our apartment Halloween party a few days before.

Logan wanted to be Tom from the book series Beast Quest.

 Julien was a grim reaper.

 Kiki was an adorable troll doll.

Jon dressed up as a 80's rocker, and I was a "ramalama" zombie dancer.

hallo halloween treats!

This year Jon's mom sent me a Halloween treat recipe book, so I put it to the test and made all sorts of yummy treats.

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

This was not in the book, but I thought the kids would enjoy eating some spooky crepes with nutella, and green whip cream.

A yummy wormy noodle dish with scary finger nibblers, and a worm infested punch.

 Nutter Butter Ghost!

Pumpkin cakes.

 Bonny Bread sticks, with mummy calzones! The kids loved this dish, they thought it was so cool. And so did Jon and I.

Monster Cupcakes.

Mummy Pork roast. 
This was probably my favorite dish of all. The pork was so juicy with a nice crispy phyllo dough. It  was topped by a delicious mustard fused cream sauce.

Pumpkin popcorn balls.

Broom stick. 

These are just a few of the things that I tried to make our Halloween month a little more exciting this year. Every day the kids would come home from school, and would be so excited to see what would be waiting for them on he kitchen table. You may be thinking that it is a lot of sweets. No worries, we made sure to give most of the treats away to our friends and neighbors. And yes! We most likely gained a few extra pounds, but that's why we go to the gym every day!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Renaissance Festival!

Yesterday, Jon and I took the kids to a renaissance festival in Conroe, Texas. We started off our outing by a quick stop by the Kolache Factory for some kolache, a sausage inside a delicious bun. It was very very good. The kids liked the kolaches also.

After a long three hour drive, we arrived at our destination. The renaissance festival was so cool. It was it's own little town, where the majority of the people there were all dressed up, talked, and acted as if they were from that area.

There was a lady laying on the ground at the entrance as part of her act I'm sure, and Logan, the funny kid that he is, went up to her and poked her with his sword. It was too funny!

The festival had a lot of entertainment, and shows going on all day at various locations. We were able to watch a few of them, like the Ded Bob Show (a ventriloquist show), a whip show, and an awesome jousting show. There was so much to do and so much to see. We mostly walked around  going into the different vendors, eating lots of good food, and people watched.


There were also many classes offered where you could learn how to blow glass, do leather work...

Logan got to make his very own coin!

We enjoyed some delicious food at the Barbarian Inn.

I was amazed to see how many people were dressed up into such beautiful costumes, and were acting their parts. It was stepping into a different time period. I got to pose along side of many people whose costume we liked or we thought were outrageous.

Marie Antoinette

Conan the Barbarian.
WOW! That was an interesting one. Jon insisted in taking a picture of him, because he was literally only wearing a little loin cloth around his waist. Conan grabbed me to pose with him and was making me feel very uncomfortable. I tuned out most of what he said to me as a matter of fact.

The one legged, toothless pirate.
Jon took a picture of him without asking and he got really mad, calling Jon a soul stealer. He told Jon, that I needed to pose with him, then threatened to spank me with a with his paddle if I didn't. He was actually quite nice and funny after talking to him.

While we were there Jon discovered this new costume trend he really likes called "steam punk." The steam punk costumes are very elaborate. Below are a few pictures of some people all dressed up in that style.

Kiki enjoying a ride from her daddy.

Julien and Logan were so excited when we told them that they could dressed up for the festival if they wanted. Jon dressed up too (but it was a totally wrong area). He dressed up as a rocker.

Although it was a very long day, we had an amazing time. It was so worth it. We are happy to have the Renaissance Festival be one of our new fall traditions in our home here in Texas.