Saturday, August 20, 2011

The plant Jon works with at Dow bought tickets for the employees to go see the Astros play. Jon and I did not want to pass up that opportunity. It was so much fun! They had food vouchers for everyone, so we didn't even need buy dinner. I got a chance to meet some of the people Jon works with. We had a blast! Below are some pictures of our fantastic activity:

As you can see we all have Astros gear. Jon was so excited about going that he surprised us all with jerseys and shirts. The kids could not believe their eyes when Jon presented them their jerseys. They absolutely loved them.

The kids wanted to stay to the very end to see the fireworks.


Watch out people! I am a working photographer. (Okay! not really, but let me explain.) Kim hooked me up with this awesome job with the company she works for. I simply had to go around Houston taking pictures of places with a door mat saying welcome to Houston. It was the best paying job I have done for the amount of effort I had to put into it. Plus I got to visit pretty cool stuff! I love the fact that I have a sister looking out for me. Kim, I'm ready for my next assignment whenever you are! Love you sis!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Logan got baptized!

Logan got baptized on August 7th!  It was a very nice and spiritual baptism. Raphael spoke on baptism, my dad on the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Alex bore his testimony. We were grateful to have family want to share this special day with us.




Logan loves his aunts and uncles, and they love him too!

All in white!

Time with the Fam

While my family was here we got to do a lot of fun things together like...

...the BEACH!

 ...Fishing and netting!

Alex actually caught a shark!

Jon got really good at catching fish. He was catching 6 to 10 fish per toss of the net. We brought the biggest ones and ate them. Below is a picture of my dad teaching Jon how to cut and clean out a fish. I don't think he is enjoying it too much.

... being silly!

...going out to eat!

Julien tried oysters for the first time! He seemed to enjoy them.

...building legos! watching!


...birthday celebrations of course. We have so many birthdays in the month of July and August. It seems that we celebrate every couple days. Logan's is the 21st of July, my mom 25th, Kim 26th, Kia Ora the 28th, Alex, August 2nd, Julien, August 4th, Jon, August 8th, and Joey the 19th.

My parents got Jon a very rare Spiderman comic book.  It was the only one missing from his series. I think he was pretty exciting.

...lots of long talks!

...more beach time!

... multiple pool outings where we had the pool all to ourselves!

...a quick trip to the Children's Museum of Houston!

...and much much more!

...saying goodbye was hard to do but we had so much fun and made so many unforgettable memories that we are looking forward to another reunion very soon.