Saturday, March 31, 2018

Jesus is my best friend!

Yesterday, Eden and Kiki were playing with walkie talkies. Kia Ora asked Eden what he wanted to talk about. Eden joyfully responded that he wanted to talk about Jesus because Jesus is his best friend. This warmed my heart to know that my little Eden loves Christ so much and thinks him as a best friend. 
Something that we should all remember. Christ will always be there for us. He is the very best friend anyone could every asked for. May we remember him today and everyday.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Warrior Dash!

This weekend we participated in the Warrior Dash race with Julien and Logan. The Gillis family invited us to go race with them and we did not hesitated to join them. What a blast it was!

Julien and Logan drove up the night before.
Jon and I did not go til Saturday because we only had a sitter for Saturday, and I don't like to leave my children with sitters overnight.

we were a muddy mess and loved every moment of it!

After the race we had some delicious bbq at Kreuz!

mud still remains...

so so good!!!!

Julien drove us home