Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snoozing through hair cuts

Eden was so very tired that he slept though his entire hair cut!
I'm totally impressed that the barber was able to cut his hair like that.
Eden loves going to the barber shop with Jon, Julien and Logan. They usually make it a boys night out and grab shawarmas afterwards.

dribble dribble

This boy loves balls. He loves to toss, kick, trow, catch, and dribble. He loves to go to the basketball court with Julien, Logan and Jon and practice shooting and dribbling the ball. He is too cute!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


This year Thanksgiving dinner was not too elaborate. Tomorrow however we have a bigger Thanksgiving style potluck lunch tomorrow with our Friday friends. But today was rather simple. It did not bother me as much as I thought it would because the important part is that we were together as a family, enjoying our time together and reflecting on things that we are most grateful for. 
I love my family so very much, they are definitely what I am most grateful for my life. I cannot deny the gratitude I feel at this time also for Heavenly Father and all that he has blessed me with and continue to bless me with. For this beautiful earth and the beautiful people and cultures that we live in it. The past few years that we have lived here in Saudi, we have been able to travel and visit so many amazing places and experience many different cultures which all testified to me that God loves us though seeing all of God's beautiful creations for us to enjoy.  I am also grateful for Jesus Christ, for his love for me, his example, teachings and his sacrifice. 
I am truly blessed!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Qal'at al Bahrain

This weekend we headed out to Bahrain for conference. We decided to visit Bahrain Fort while we were there. Bahrain Fort also known as Portuguese Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site. It was built approximately in 2300 BC.  About 25 % of the site has been exacted and revealed structures of different types of residential, public, commercial, religious and military. They testify to the importance of this site as a trading port over the centuries.

Eden and Kiki loved exploring the fort

On our way back to the car we saw a man training a young horse. 
Eden was so interested!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Desert Designs

Today we were able to visit Desert Designs' warehouse. It was a very cool and interesting visit! Desert Designs is a store that focuses on repurposing antique items such as doors, window frames, wheels... into very beautiful and unique furniture. They also sale other Saudi and Arabic things as well as items with Arabic style and print. This store is very well known amongst the western expat community. I always love to go there and see what Kim (the designer) had come up with next. She is so very talented.
We were able to see carpenters at work, crafting and refinishing furniture. Some of the ladies got to pick out the items they wanted before they were even worked on, and decide on what they wanted each items to become. It was awesome!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

love at home

I just love Eden's sweet kisses!