Sunday, August 4, 2019

18 years already

How can this be... my first born turned 18 today.
It almost feels surreal! It feels like life just flashed before my eyes, I still remember welcoming Julien into the world not so long ago, and now he is an amazing young men who will leave my home in a few short months.
Julien is so special. I love him so very much. I am one lucky mom!
Julien is a wonderful young men. He is so very talented! One of the things I love most is listen to him play the piano. He plays everyday for at least 30 minutes and if time allows for 1 hour or 2. It is awesome! I love the sound of piano in my home... I am grateful for him filling my home with beautiful music everyday.
Julien has a very big heart. He is caring, and is sensitive to others feelings.
Julien is a great friend and has always made an effort to make people feel welcome and included.
I love that about him. Julien is such a big help around the house.
He often cleans up the kitchen for me after dinner without even me asking,
and he is always willing to help wherever he is needed without complaint.
 Julien is fun and easy going.
He also is a great big brother. I love the relationship he has with his siblings.
 He is so playful with them. Little children are drawn to him because he is so fun and playful.
 I am so proud of the fine young men he is becoming,  he is one amazing individual!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday Julien!
We love you!

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Happy 9th Birthday Kiki

Happy 9th Birthday Kia Ora's! 
Kiki has the most beautiful heart. She is so sweet and thoughtful. Kia Ora loves to please others and make people happy. She loves to help and is always asking me what she can do to help. She is the best big sister to Eden and Keilani. One of the things I love about Kiki is her love for Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and her strong desire to serve a mission at such a young age. She truly is beautiful inside and out. I love that we share the love of dance together, and love teaching her and watching her grow and develop her many talents. She is so special! I love her so very much! 
Happy birthday dear Kiki!

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

impromptu birthday party

Today Julien and I decided to throw an impromptu birthday party for our July/ August birthday bunch minus Eden since his birthday is much later in August.  Julien went to Walmart to get some supplies while I finished packing and cleaning the house for our upcoming trip to Utah (tomorrow).

Caramel turtle ice cream

Presents for all!

Keilani loves panda so this birthday was all about pandas!
She got a panda backpack, panda plush pillow, and panda lipgloss.

Logan got a new iPhone!!!
(luckily AT&T was running a buy one get one free,
and he helped pay for portion of it)

Kiki got some legos, a diary, and some earrings

Julien got some iPods

Jon got a new iPhone as well

After opening the presents we went outside hitting a piƱata and a water balloon fight.

I walked up to the boys room later that night and found a gift bag from Julien to Logan. 
I was touched at the card Julien wrote to his brother. 
Julien is so thoughtful and loves his brother. I am so glad they are best friends.

love at home