Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today the kids were all dressed up for the BYU UTAH football game. They looked so cute in their Blue and White gear.

Here is Kia Ora and Jon watching the game. Kiki seemed to have a better time than Jon (it must have been the last quarter of the game.)

Kia Ora is blowing bubbles

Kia Ora figured out how to blow bubbles. She seems to be blowing bubbles all the time now except when we try to get it on tape of course. But below are the videos anyway, she is still cute to watch:

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

This year we went to my parents' condo in Little Cottonwood Canyon for thanksgiving. It was a very relaxing weekend. On Thursday morning, I woke up to the delicious smell of stuffing, and....
the boys playing some Lord of the Rings Risk.

We ate the thanksgiving dinner around noon, and relaxed, napped, hot tubed, and played cards (Tarot of course) the rest of the day.

Julien and Logan enjoying the hot tub.

Kiki enjoyed a nice nap,

and so did Caramel.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Julien just finished the UVRays summer swim camp. He improved a lot in the past 2 months that he trained with them. He loved it so much. While in the camp, Julien was able to participate in 2 swim meets where he did very well. Thursday was the last day of the swim camp, and the coaches announced who would be allowed to move up to the swim team. I was sure that Julien would not be asked because he was one of the youngest, and the slowest on the camp. But to my surprise... HE MADE IT! He was so happy, and we were so excited for him. Only 3 out of 18 made it I believe. It is a huge accomplishment. So now he is officially on the UVRays Swim Team. He swims 5 days a week for 1 hour. He is exactly in his element. Julien has always been a good little swimmer even as a little toddler. I remember when Jon would throw him in the pool and teach him to swim under water as a little 10 months old (I was mortified of course). And now he is a bright and adorable 9 year old swim champion.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movie night with Kiki

Every Friday, the boys get to watch a movie since they don't get to watch TV or play video games any other day of the week (except for Saturday mornings of course). And tonight the boys asked me if Kia Ora could join them in their movie watching. She stayed there for a good 5 minutes. The boys were so happy. It was so cute to see them all snuggled up together and cozy in my bed that I had to take a picture.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Well it would be an understatement if I said that life has been nice and easy on the financial side of things now that Jon is not working anymore, yet we have felt so much love from our friends and family. Our Heavenly Father is continuously blessing us.
Today, after a long day at work I came home to a very exciting sight. Someone had left us some groceries on our front steps. I was puzzled at first as to who could have done it, then after analyzing what was in the bags, there was no doubt in my mind. It was my sweet and caring mom. My mom knows me so well, she shops like I do. Plus there was a little something for everyone: Diapers for the baby, gold fish and oreos for the boys, chips and salsa for Jon, lots of fruits and vegetables and water for me....
When I called her to asked if she knew anything about it, she simply denied it, I had to force it out of her.
My mother has always been a wonderful example to me of pure love and sacrifice for the welfare of others. She is always serving, giving of her time and resources even when it is not convenient for her. I am so blessed to have her in my life, and hope that I can follow in her foot steps and become as selfless and charitable as she is someday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Logan the artist

Tonight, while Julien and I were doing some homework, Logan was doodling something mighty good. I was very surprised to see how good and accurate his replica of the cover of Diary of a Wimpy Kid was.
He said that he added a bagpack on one of the boys.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Intraquad Swim Meet

Julien did another swim meet on Wednesday. Julien swam so well. We were really proud of him. Jon was on the side of the pool while he swam cheering him on. It was so cute. Julien is so darling because he knows that he did not win the race, and he says he does care, he is just proud of having a really good stroke, not getting disqualified, and doing better than before; which he actually did. His time was 1 min: 9: 37, and last time it was around 1 minute 23. He swam a 50 freestyle, the age group he was racing with was 12 and under (he did so well for being the youngest swimmer).
Once we got home we all watched the video, Jon and I noticed that Julien started sprinting toward the end of the race, we knew he could have swam a lot faster than he did, but he was so concerned with the accuracy of his stroke that he forgot to race.
To celebrate his hard work, we took him out to Pizza Pie Cafe (we had 2 free kid meals BONUS!) It was a great evening.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I spent all Sunday afternoon and evening catching up on my blog. I posted 14 posts today so make sure to scroll down.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Prep Swim Meet

Today Julien had is very first swim meet, it was a prep meet. He swam a 50 free style. He swam really good. His time was 1 min 23:65. It was not a very fast time, but he had the best looking stroke which is one of the most important things. He was very happy about the way he swam and can't wait for his next one which is actually this coming Wednesday.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Julien had to do a diorama for school about an American Indian Tribe from Utah. His teacher assigned him to research the Goshute Tribe. He did all the work at school, except for the diorama (of course). When I found out that he had to make one I was a little stressed and overwhelmed because I had never made one before, and I did not know what it was. I had to google it. Once I had an idea of what it was, I got supplies at the store, I even grabbed a bag full of tumble weeds, and dried grass from New Haven. I felt a little silly doing that but Julien needed weeds for his wikiups (the Indian huts). Julien did an amazing job, plus it was a fun activity to do together.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best big brothers

Julien and Logan are the best big brothers. They love their little sister so so much, always wanting to hold her, kiss her, play with her. They can't go to sleep at night without kissing her goodnight. Kia Ora loves them very much too. She gets so happy to see them when they get home from school.

Here is Julien entertaining Kia Ora, making her giggle.

Logan reading Kiki a book before bed.

Julien playing with Kiki.