Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sandcastle practrice

Last year, Jon participated in a sandcastle building competition. He liked it so much that he wants to participate again this year. Every two weeks, a practice/ tutorial get together is held at the beach. It was pretty fun. The boys had fun carving, and swimming of course, while Kiki dug in the sand with a puppy.

Work before fun. Here the boys are prepping the sand.

They learned how to carve letters.




Here is Kiki playing with the dog.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Trip to San Antonio

This past weekend, we visit Uncle Sam (Jon's sister's husband) at Lackland Air-force Base, in San Antonio, TX, for his boot camp graduation. Jon's sister had reserved a hotel room for us on base.  It was really nice.
The following morning was the actual ceremony where we watch all the men and women in uniform marched their rehearsed routine. The boys thought it was pretty cool. After the ceremony they wanted to take pictures in front of all the jets around. There were a lot.

After ceremony we all headed for lunch and then the San Antonio Zoo. It was a very fun place. Julien were so excited because their was a komodo dragon there.

 Kiki loved the aquarium, she is really into fish these days.


We also loved the monkeys. They were so funny swinging, chasing each other around.

There were a lot of cool exhibits, and habitats. We got to see the hippopotamus feeding, it was quite neat to see.

After much walking around torturous heat, Jon took us out for ice cream and pixie sticks. It was so refreshing.



After a long day, we headed back to the hotel room for a nap. The kids who where still full of energy settled for a movie.

For our final day, Starr had planned a trip to the famous Alamo. It was a very beautiful place. The kids were so excited to go because they had learned all about it just a few weeks prior. They loved to see David Crocket's attire.

The grandparents with all the grand-kids.


Kiki loving baby Scarlet.

Jon with the girls.

Julien and Logan wanted a special picture of just them and Sam while he was in uniform. They thought he was the coolest thing. They crack me up.

Outside the Alamo was a beautiful park with canons and other artifacts from the time period.

Kiki chilling with a snack. This girl is so beautiful!

Lastly we took a stroll on the river walk and Jon's dad took us out for lunch at a bbq place called The County Line. The River Walk is beautiful, there are lots of little shops and places to eat, little boats on the canal, and ducks to feed. It was a very fun place to visit.

I enjoyed beef brisket, while Jon licked his fingers after delicious ribs. The kids had a pretty good plate also.

 And our dear Kia Ora enjoyed playing mommy by feeding the baby.

Jon and I had a very enjoyable trip. It was a good time away from home experiencing new things, spending time with family.  We are also proud of Sam and his achievements in the air-force.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First family camping of the season!

Jon had a camp out with the boy scouts over spring break and so we decided to tag along for a little camping of our own.

Jon got the boys there own tent! They were so excited!

This was Kiki's first experience camping. She did really well. She was a little afraid and fussed to fall asleep and was afraid to go to the bathroom in the toilets there, but besides that she loves being outdoors, discovering new things.

Logan tending the fire.

Jon enjoying a nice cup of cocoa.

Julien making pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious.


Julien tagged along with the boy scouts while Jon was teaching them how to tie and fuse ropes.

Kiki loving her daddy.

While Jon was busy with the scouts, we played lots and lots of games.


I'm so glad we went, it was so fun and relaxing to be together in nature without any distractions, or obligations. I can't wait til our next campout!