Sunday, September 28, 2008

A wonderful day at Hee Haw Farms

Saturday, Jon, the kids, and I set off to a wonderful afternoon at Hee Haw Farms. It has become a family tradition that we do every fall. There is lots of fun activities for the kids to do, it is very low key and we feel a little closer to nature surrounded by all of the farm animals.

First we ventured off into the corn maze, it didn't take us very long, we must be experts I guess; actually we just tried hard not to go too deep into the maze knowing that the kids get bored of walking after a while.

The kids then enjoyed playing in a pit full of corn kernels. They thought it was fun to make snow angels. And after launched corn, with a corn launcher believe it or not.

We also got to feed and pet several animals including an enormous pig called Leroy who is the biggest pig I have ever seen.

I even found a little kitten, Julien and I both wanted to take him home. Good thing we live in Wymount otherwise the decision would have been harder to make.

Julien and Logan loved showing off their amazing super hero jumps on the hay jump.

Jon had fun teaching the kids how to lasso, and rope cows. The boys got pretty good at it. Of course, they were standing just a couple of feet away, but they still felt a great sense a accomplishment.

Racing with the pedal tractors. I think Jon enjoyed it a lot!

We did a lot that day, but we ended it the best way possible, a nice hay ride, pulled by a tractor (a little bumpy, but very relaxing), followed by a delicious Italian meal at a very nice restaurant called La Vigna, Julien said it was the best pizza he had ever had, and it really was.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My boys....

Before church today, Jon, the kids and I went out on BYU campus for a little photo session. I like to do that every two months or so. They are so cute and photogenic that it is hard not to love taking pictures of them. Below is a small sample of the photo shoot.

JulienJulien, and his sweet, tender smile. He is so charming isn't he!


Oh so cute, and so mischievious! Watch out, Logan's charming look may at times be deceiving.

Don't you love them when they are so serious, deeply invested, carried away in their thoughts.

The serene sound of nature!


Last but not least, Jon. The joke master, the handy man, the mechanic...the list could go on...but to us he is the one and only, best dad, and man anyone could ask for.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"It says here you're a cluts!" Going from hero to zero.

Many of you may be wondering how my triathlon went. Well...let me tell you all about how Maeva went from hero to zero. On Thursday afternoon, I decided to go on a little bike ride to loosen up my muscles before the big race. And on my way home, my mile counter stopped working. And I got a little mad and frustrated so... I thought that by kicking the wheel of the bike (where the sensor was), it would fix the problem. I kicked once, I kicked it twice, and on the third kick, that is when it happened. My foot got caught, and tangled in the wheel, between the prongs! So the bike locked, and up and around I went over the handle bars. And as I am flying through the air with the greatest of ease of course (with the bike still attached to my foot may I add) I think to myself: "Wow! you really did it this time!" Once I landed, that is when the pain hit me. I had never experience such excruciating pain ever. I could not think about anything else but the pain my foot was in. I don't remember much about what happened after that except that the BYU maintenance crew stopped and had to cut the prongs of the wheel to get my foot loose. They drove me home and from there Jon came home to take care of me. I slept for about two days of and on.

My injuries you asked? Well I had a small bruise on my head, knee, legs... (always, always wear those helmets), a black and blue swollen foot, scrapes on my back, hands, and other random body parts, and a huge goose egg the size of planet earth on my arm (I had the biggest triceps for two days). And my body just ached everywhere for a while, but I am feeling a lot better. I am even planning my next triathlon, and have also been considering going into stunt doubling for movies (just kidding).

All in all I was pretty lucky! I know Heavenly Father had watched out for me, it could have been a lot worse.

PS: Next time I hope someone catches it on tape, you got to must have looked so cool!