Saturday, March 30, 2013

Huntsville Campout!

Oh how we LOVE the Huntsville campout! As soon as the kids got home from school Thursday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed to Huntsville for some mighty fun and relaxing camping. A family in one of the ward reserves about 90 camp sites, and opens an invitation to whomever wants to go in our Tri-Ward area (since it is not a Church sponsored activity). This very campout has been happening for over 25 years. It is very fun tradition that we too have gladly made our own.
This year we bunked up with some good friends the Gillis family.

Jon cleaning up breakfast

The scouts set up some activities for the kids to do such as tight rope walking,
and everybody wanted to try it...

 even Kiki!

They scouts also built a not so stable tower. 
But it was a fun activity none the less.

I had fun teaching the kids on how to feed the squirrels right out of your hand.
Not the safest thing I know!

Kiki chasing her good friend Carson

 Easter Egg Hunt!

Kiki and Pam!

Hayden, Josh, and Logan are ready to charge for the eggs

Julien and Josh being silly!

Jon took Kiki, Logan, and Josh on a canoe ride

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Under the Big Top photoshoot!

Every year the teachers of my studio do a photoshoot going along to the theme of our end of the year recital. And every year, we have a blast getting all dressed up and posing for the camera. The Amazingly Talented Marcus Duncan (a good friend of the studio) did our shoot this year! The theme was Under the Big Top (a circus/ carnival theme), so we all dressed up as glamorous clowns! Crissy, my boss, hired a makeup artist along with a hairstylist to do all of our hair and make up. Getting ready was a bast!

A few of my shots! 

Lizette and me

My good friend Elon and me


Anya and me
 I love that girl! She is so cute and so funny!

Having to much fun!
Walking around the carnival was exiting to say the least. Everyone at the park wanted to talk to us, ask us questions, take pictures with us, even follow us around videotaping us. It felt so strange having that much attention. It kind of gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to be a celebrity. Fun and overwhelming at first, but than quickly turning to a bother wanting to being left alone. 

Group shots!
3 out of the 6 teachers were expecting. Elon and Lizette had about 4 to 5 weeks left, and I was half way with 20 weeks down 20 weeks to go.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

50 Miler Canoe Trek!

All packed up and ready to go, Jon and Julien headed out to Nechez River, in East Texas for their 50 Miler canoeing trek. They spent 3 days canoeing the river pulling up on the side of the river bank at night to set up camp, eat, and sleep to do it all over the next day. What an adventure!?! Because they traveled in canoes all their gear had to fit in their own canoe (which was not very big). They didn't even bring water, and had to filter and sanitize their own water the "survival" way. I was so afraid of them getting sick. Luckily no one did.

Last few things to pack!

Jon and Julien on their first night I presume since they look well... not dirty!

Julien and his patrol for the trek
Christopher Martin, Ben Gillis, Julien, and Josh Gillis

Julien and Jacob Bond preparing the fire and heating up their tinfoil dinners on night 1

Jon decided not to bring a tent and settled on his hammock. 
He loves that thing!

And off they go!

Jon and Julien settling for the night! 
Charlie photo bombing the picture (actually all the pictures of Julien and Jon)

Jon and Julien canoed together the entire trek.
They said they had a great time talking and catching up on things. 
15-20 miles a day for 3 days in a little canoe gives you plenty of opportunity to do just that!

Quick stop for lunch!


Having so much fun!

On part of the trek Jon and Julien linked their canoe with Julien's best friend 
Josh Gillis and his dad, Paul Gillis' canoe. Julien, Josh, as well as Jon and Paul loved doing that.

Home finally, and filthy as can be.
They were so tired and sore when they got home but they had a grin from ear to ear, beaming.
It was great to have them home finally, but I was even more glad that they had such a great time.

The story no mother ever wants to hear:

Once settled back home, after a nice shower and dinner Julien looks at Jon, smiles and says to him "should we tell her?" Me, getting a little concerned told them that they had to tell me because I would find out eventually.
 Come to find out on their last night camping, a few minutes after heading to bed, they hear a pack of wolves howling just on the other side of the river bank, followed by the chase then slaughter of wild boars. How traumatizing!
I guess I am grateful that they parked on the OTHER side of the river bank, or it could have been a whole different story.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break with 2 men down!

While Jon and Julien were away on their 50 Miler, Logan, Kia Ora, and I did a few fun things of our own. On the first day we spent a long time in the garden weeding and planting some tomato plants. Logan worked so hard.

Logan and Kiki relaxing to some lego starwars video games

That Wednesday we went up to Alvin with a few friends with the hope of picking strawberries at a farm, but once we got there they had had so many people come that they had to close the farm because they ran out of strawberries to pick. So we went to the park and ate amazing Lebanese food thanks to my good friend Epphilia.  

Pam, Epphilia, and me`

The following day we had a little party at the house with some of Logan's friends. They had a lot of fun.
Logan and Josh Collins playing superman

On Friday, I took Logan, Kiki, and Josh to the zoo in Houston. 
It was a terrible idea! Spring Break had brought a serious crowd. The police had closed several roads accessing the zoo and park as well as the parking lot. So I had to drive in circles forever trying to find somewhere to park. Once we made it to the zoo, it was extremely crowded but still a lot of fun.

On our last day, before Jon and Julien got home we woke up early and head back to Alvin to pick strawberries. I was so much fun. We all enjoyed it so much, especially eating them!



We worked up such a sweat after picking our strawberries that we headed to Surfside Beach for a little dip. It was a great way to end to a week filled with fun.