Friday, November 30, 2012

a picture says it all!

Doesn't this picture tell you 1000 things about this girl! 
She is so stinkin' cute, it kills me!

a little hobby called photography!

I have always loved to take pictures, my only draw back is that I have always had crappy cameras. What I mean to say is that my cameras were always good enough to take generic pictures of my kids in the back yard or around the house, but not good enough to take awesome pictures and get creative.

This past week two of my friends asked me to do her daughter's senior pictures, and family pictures. With a little, I mean a lot of hesitation, I said yes! I thought they turned out kind of good for little me! Afer the shoots, I decided that it is a fun hobby I'd like to take a little more seriously. So after saving for months and months, it might even be a year or two, I'd like to get myself a really nice camera and see where it takes me!

Some of my favorite shots of Cheyenne! I took over 200 pictures and they all turned out awesome. It was hard to pick my favorites.

Michelle, Joseph and Dan!
Dan would not sit still he just wanted to run around and discover new things!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Monday, November 26, 2012

1 out of 10

 9 times out of 10 when Kia Ora is so quiet you don't even know she is there, it is a bad sign. And this time it was the 1. She was so quietly and nicely playing in her room doing her favorite thing... getting all dressed up! She can be such a little diva, I hope it is just a phase! Either way she is a cute little miss thing, and I am loving almost every moment of it!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Turkey 2012!


Thanksgiving day was wonderful! I had prepared as much as I could the day before so that Thanksgiving day would be a lot more relaxed and less crazy. + Jon cooks the turkey so that takes a lot of the headed ache away.  

Logan cannot stand me cooking onions so he always put on his swim goggles, 
and that makes him feel a whole lot better.

Jon dropping the turkey!

Our friends Alena and Dan Morgan came to visit from Missouri.
Alena making some mighty good Cheese Balls!

The boys and Kiki tending the turkey

 Alena and me cooking away!

We started out our meal with a delicious butternut squash soup

 Jon showing off his plate filled with scrumptious-ness!

Kia Ora lovin' the mash potatoes

Dan  and Alena

 After thanksgiving dinner we invited all of friends for a thanksgiving desert pot luck and games.  That was a lot of fun! We played so Dance Dance Revolution (old school, I know but still lots of fun!), chatted, and relaxed in front of one of my holiday favorites "The Elf."

Joseph and Logan battling it out. Joseph is actually really good at DDR.

Dan brought his table and fixed us all up! 
(He is in med school and has a lot of interest in osteopathy)

Kia Ora and her best bud Dan, or Dan Dan as she calls him.
She loves him so much. 

Elf Time!

Today was truly a special day, and it made me so grateful for all we have...; this awesome cute little home we have, the delicious food that filled our bellies, the amazing friends we have, our wonderful family, the savior, and his gospel and teachings, and so much more...

Monday, November 19, 2012

An Evening of Brilliance

 This past Sunday, I put together a little piano recital together in celebration of the kids progress. They have only been taking lessons form one of our good friend Alena for 13 months, and have become quite good. Not only have they only been taking for a little over a year, but they have only had classes no more than once or twice a month since Alena lives in Missouri. I am so impressed by how fast they have improved, and so grateful for such an amazing teacher.

Before the recital, I did a little, "VERY CHEESY" photoshoot!

I also put together a little flyer mostly for the grandparents so they would be ready to skype in order to attend the performance.

The boys in action! They were so cute all dressed up with their little bow ties! Logan performed Indiana Jones' "Raider's March", "Called to Serve", "How Firm a Foundation", and "Entertainer".
Julien played "De Bosef", "Papageno", "Fir Elise", and "Because I Have Been Given Much."

Alena with Logan and Julien