Sunday, March 31, 2019

photoshoot for Little Miss Kiki

Crissy (my boss) organized a photoshoot to promote the studio. Crissy invited Kia Ora to join. 
She was pretty excited to be out there with the big girls and a few of her friends. Suzy Fulton (with TriCoast Seniors) did an amazing job! She always does! She is so very talented; I am always amazed at all the shots she captures. Donald was there as well shooting a trailer. He too is very talented. We are lucky to have them as part of our PE family!

Love being with this girl sharing all these wonderful moments with her!

Harper, Camden, Jayden, Kia Ora

Kiki and Harper

I got a pretty awesome shot of Harper right as the flash when off!

Kiki's turn

Mermaid Hair!
She loved it and I just love that little beauty!

Our amazing PE staff! Love these beautiful women!

Time out for Women

This weekend I attended Time out for Women in Houston with a few sisters from our stake. 
It was a great conference. The biggest thing I got from it was to make sure I have moments of stillness in my days so I can receive revelations and promptings from the spirit. When life gets too busy, even busy with good things, we get distracted and loose the opportunity to get guided and prompted by the spirit.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

heart attack

Jon thought he'd have a little fun by putting this huge spider in my sink! I nearly had a heart attack!

little blush

Somebody is having a little fun with mommy's makeup!

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Just chillin'

Came home to Logan just chilling in the hot tub listening to music!
Not a bad evening I'd say!

Friday, March 22, 2019

my little Kiki girl

Every few months I do a spotlight on a different member of our family and get them their favorite treat! Kia Ora had been so patient awaiting her turn. This is just one of her many qualities! I just love this little girl so very much! She is so sweet, and sensitive. She has a very big heart and loves to help and serve others.  Kia Ora is a very caring little girl. She is soft spoken and is inclusive of everyone and is thoughtful of others feelings. I am so proud of who she is becoming. She is a little angel!
I love her very much!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Sunday, March 17, 2019

spring break!

This week was the kids spring break, we tried to relax a little and have a little fun too!


Baskin Robbin's outing! Yummy!
Who does not love ice cream! 

Kiki and Eden really wanted to make Jello!
They were so excited!

But when it came down to eating it, Eden was not convinced!! lol!

I love playing boardgames and so does Logan and the little kids. We often have to convince Julien.
We played a long game of Monopoly where Logan dominated! 

Logan, Kiki, Eden, Keilani and I met my friend Pam for lunch at Chik Fil A.
The littles loved playing in the play area!

On Friday my friend Melika invited us to her house for a crawfish boil!
Keilani made a new friend. lol! She just loves puppies!

Melika had a surprise at the end of the night!
I love that Jon is easy going, likes to have fun.
He is cute!

Monday, March 11, 2019

little yard work little family time

This week is spring break! 
The kids and I took the opportunity to do a little yard work today.
I love watching the kids work together. They are good little/big workers!

Julien found 2 garden snakes! Kiki was brave enough to hold it!

Logan playing catch with Eden!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Mardi Gras!

Today the kids came home a nice little surprise!
I picked up a king cake to celebrate Mardi Gras!
They loved it!!! 
It was our first time having King Cake, I was pretty impressed. 
It tasted great!