Thursday, October 30, 2014

A princess at school!

Today Kiki got to wear a costume to school. 
She was pretty excited about it!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Watermelon carving!

Julien and Logan had a halloween party at school today. Since pumpkins are ridiculously priced (x10 the price no joke) the kids got to carved watermelons. He did a good job!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Welcome to the world baby Kathryn Eveline Burba

We are so thrilled to have baby Kate with us! 
Congratulations to my sister Audrey and her husband Joey.
She is a cutie and we cannot wait to meet her in person!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happily sitting clothes and all splashing in the tub!

This morning, like most morning Eden kept trying to get into the tub while I was showering. After a few minutes he had moved on to playing one of his favorite games, dump the Q-tips, so I moved on and started washing my hair. To my surprise, by the time I turned around from rinsing off the shampoo off of my hair, he was happily, sitting clothes and all splashing in the tub. To be honest it made me jump because I did not expect it. 
But since I was done anyway, I just drew him a little bath and let him have some fun in the water.

Eden's favorite game to play in our bathroom hallway, 
Dump the Q-tips!

Yap, that face says it all!
"Got what I wanted mom!"

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Air Fryer

Jon surprised me tonight by bringing home an air fryer! I had been wanting one for several months now. Air fryers are very popular here. A few months ago a neighbor brought us some fries made in the fryer, they tasted delicious. Since then I really one. And instead of deep frying fries in cups and cups of oil, you just add less than a tablespoon of oil. The fries are crispy and flavorful without being greasy. I am excited to try some of the recipes they suggest, all the while cooking in a healthier way!

Eid Break!

For Eid break we were home bound because Jon could not take any time off of work. Although we were all looking forward to going on vacation, we made sure to make this stay-cation awesome!
We planned to do something fun everyday!

On day 1 we spent a few hours at the pool, cooling off! Since most of the people on the compound were gone we had the pool all to ourselves which was awesome!

We then made our vary own wands! 
I found the instructions on pinterest. 
(super easy and fun, all you need is paper, glue/ glue gun, and paint)

On day 2 we made some delicious cream puff! YUM! So so good!

Day 3, more pool time!

Day 4 lego building.

We also had fun decorating our front porch for Halloween.
Logan made an amazing giant spiderweb. He did such a good job!

Julien cut out monster shadows to put on our windows. Julien is a very good artist.
He did a very great job. When Jon got home he actually thought we had bought the shadows. He was pretty impressed!

On day 5, I took Kiki and Eden to a pumpkin decorating, sugar cookie decorating party at a neighbor's house. She had a lot of fun. Meanwhile Julien and Logan started their Harry Potter movie marathon.

Day 6 was our sabbath.

Day 7 was the best because Jon was home. We all went to the intercontinental hotel beach in Jubail and enjoyed a nice time lounging, swimming, and digging in the sand.

Work never stops!

Julien and Logan got to go jet skiing.
They did awesome!

As always looking for little critters to catch for the kiddos.

It didn't take long for everyone to fall asleep on the way home.