Saturday, August 29, 2009

Our new Cubs

We now have two new cub scouts in the family. Now that Julien is 8 years old, he is able to enter the cub scout program at church. He has been waiting eagerly for that day. For the past 6 months, he and Logan were coming to my Webelos den meetings, and pack meetings. They thought it was so fun, and they too desperately wanted to join with their own age group.

Julien is a Wolf. He loves to go to all of the cub meetings. Thanks to Grandma (Jon's mom), Julien has his very own cub scout shirt.

Logan too wanted to join. Unfortunately the church doesn't start scouting until the age of 8. But after going to the scouting store, I found a tiger cub scouting book, for boys 7 or first grade age. And since Logan is in first grade, I decided to do the tiger scout program with him. He loves it. I even found him a tiger cub scout shirt that cost 1 dollar. HA! Amazing Right!

Jon, Julien, and Logan often get together on Sunday afternoon to work on some of their badges. It is fun to watch them.

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