Sunday, April 26, 2015

Science Fair!

Logan and his two good friends Chandler and Matthew participated in the science fair this year.
They did a very good job. Their project was on wether or not different amounts of fuel in rockets would propel the rockets further. 
Good thing dad is a mechanical engineer that loves that type of stuff!
After much research they had a lot of fun testing out their theories!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Formula 1 Grand Prix

Our Grand Prix weekend started as soon as we hit the causeway. 
We were having a race of our own on which car could get through the fastest.
Sadly it was not us!

We finally made it to the track just in time to see the Formula 1 practice race.

Having so much fun!

The view from our hotel room!

All ready for breakfast!

Wahoo waterpark!
We purchased discounted tickets to Wahoo waterpark through Dow a long time ago.
Today was the last weekend to use them up which turned out to be great since we were planning on already being there!

The waterpark is located on the top floor of the City Center mall in Manama.
The mall is huge, it is probably the biggest mall I have ever seen.

Logan talked me into going down the boomerang with him.
It was terrifying!

I don't know how, but Logan also managed to talk Jon into going down with him!
He screamed the entire time! It was pretty funny!

Kiki loved going down the big kid slides!
This girl is so brave! 

Jon showed off his mad skills body surfing.
He actually did really well!

Eden was pretty quiet,
....and this is why!

Family pic

Walking around the track was fun because there were a lot of entertainers.
Kiki liked the ladies on stilts. 

Our cute little Logan showing off his new Ferrari polo!

Warm up race! 

Jon showing off my cool Bahrain circuit hat!

Julien loving his new Mercedes hat!

We were surprise to run into our good friends Bruce and Josh Collins!

Documenting memories

Kiki on a Bahraini Police motorcycle!

Waiting with much anticipation for the big race to start!

Celebrating Lewis Hamilton's (Mercedes) win! 

After the race we took the shuttle which was suppose to drop us off to the parking lot we were parked at. But unfortunately due to the event's poor planning, all the roads leading back to the parking lot were closed. After driving for close to one hour taking detours after detours we were at a road block and were forced to walk more than 2 miles back to our car. 
Jon and I and everyone else were very very upset. 
It was late, we were all tired, Eden and Kiki were already asleep and we knew we still had a 2 hour drive home. But we did not have a choice; so on we went, marching with 4 children, 2 of which were sleeping, in the middle of the night to oncoming traffic in Bahrain for 2 miles. Ya, that was fun!

Although the weekend did not end on the best note, 
we still had an amazing time and can't wait to do it again next year!