Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Here we are, once again all dressed up for Halloween. If you know us at all, it is no surprise to see all of us Wards all dressed up for Halloween. Jon and I get as excited as the kids do trying to figure out the perfect costume to wear. This year Jon and I were 80's rockers, Julien was a wizard from Gryffindor, and Logan was Link from the Legend of Zelda video game.

Julien the Gryffindor Wizard

Link from Legend of Zelda (aka Logan)

Logan's costume was the hardest to put together because, it is not a costume that is sold in stores. So I had to make it all by myself along with the shield. Pretty good right!

Jon and I as 80's Rockers

Jon the Metal Rocker

Me as Jem

Jem is a 80's cartoon rock star! I loved that cartoon growing up.
I thought she was the coolest. So I have always wanted to dress up as her for Halloween.
My friend Lenzy made the dress. She did a fantastic job! I loved having her funky make up and her pink hair, along with her fabulous pink stilettos.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alex and his cutie face

Here are a couple of shots I took of Alex. Isn't he so charming? He is definitely a future heart breaker!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Which Witch!

It has become a family tradition to go to Gardner Village around Halloween time to see all of the Witches. It is a lot of fun to visit the old pioneer village, try to decide which witch is the funniest, and eat some delicious fudge. This year my parents were able to come with us with my brother Alex. Unfortunately Jon had to work. But we still had fun!

Here are some cute picts of my parents and the boys:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Who!?!

BirThdAYs, biRthDays, BIrthDaYS!
They never are what you expect them to be are they!?!

Well, my birthday was sure full of excitement... It started out very early on Wednesday morning around 7, when I heard the sound of plunger in the bathroom. I didn't think much of it until Logan emerges out of the bathroom and lets me know that the water from the toilet is rising. I asked him to get Jon as I was helping Julien with his reading. After a few minutes, Jon reaches the bathroom which by that point was overflowing with water and well... you can guess what else! Poor Jon was the one to do the cleaning up, which was so so much appreciated.

The rest of the day less crappy in the most literal part of the term, although, we played baseball at work that day and had to dodge dog poop the entire game....HA!
The day continued with den meeting, karate classes and ended with a night full of sewing tutus for work.

Basically, not much of a birthday. But lets not fool ourselves, everyone knows that when you are a parent or have responsibilities, birthdays don't mean do nothing but have fun, but do what you can to enjoy the special day that is rightfully yours the best you can.

Even though, my birthday was a busy day, I still loved all of the phone calls, emails, cards, facebook notes, and gifts I received from my family and friends.

I even got some amazing gifts. Jon got me a most needed gift, an external hard drive. I was so happy! One of my greatest fears is to loose all my pictures and videos from my Mac, so now, as long as I use it my fears should pass. The boys got me a Twilight calendar, it was their idea apparently (how funny right!) I got many more gifts, but below is a picture from one of the gifts I received from my parents and my sister Audrey. Awesome right! Now all we need is a new bedroom set to match the comforter!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


More shots of the two boys together at Fox Hollow Golf Course. Enjoy!

Logan- Le Mimi Mignon P'tit Gars

I love to take pictures of the boys. They are so cute and photogenic! Here are a couple of shots I took of Logan today while at Fox Hollow Golf Course.

Below are some pictures I took from the skateboard swing at my parents' house.

Julien- Le Charmeur

Here are some shots I took of Julien today. They turned out so great! Isn't he so cute and charming! I know there is a lot of pictures, but I could not make up my mind on which was best...

After the photo shoot as Fox Hollow Golf Course, we went back to my parents house to visit where I got more awesome shots on the swing.