Sunday, March 24, 2013

Under the Big Top photoshoot!

Every year the teachers of my studio do a photoshoot going along to the theme of our end of the year recital. And every year, we have a blast getting all dressed up and posing for the camera. The Amazingly Talented Marcus Duncan (a good friend of the studio) did our shoot this year! The theme was Under the Big Top (a circus/ carnival theme), so we all dressed up as glamorous clowns! Crissy, my boss, hired a makeup artist along with a hairstylist to do all of our hair and make up. Getting ready was a bast!

A few of my shots! 

Lizette and me

My good friend Elon and me


Anya and me
 I love that girl! She is so cute and so funny!

Having to much fun!
Walking around the carnival was exiting to say the least. Everyone at the park wanted to talk to us, ask us questions, take pictures with us, even follow us around videotaping us. It felt so strange having that much attention. It kind of gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to be a celebrity. Fun and overwhelming at first, but than quickly turning to a bother wanting to being left alone. 

Group shots!
3 out of the 6 teachers were expecting. Elon and Lizette had about 4 to 5 weeks left, and I was half way with 20 weeks down 20 weeks to go.

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