Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break with 2 men down!

While Jon and Julien were away on their 50 Miler, Logan, Kia Ora, and I did a few fun things of our own. On the first day we spent a long time in the garden weeding and planting some tomato plants. Logan worked so hard.

Logan and Kiki relaxing to some lego starwars video games

That Wednesday we went up to Alvin with a few friends with the hope of picking strawberries at a farm, but once we got there they had had so many people come that they had to close the farm because they ran out of strawberries to pick. So we went to the park and ate amazing Lebanese food thanks to my good friend Epphilia.  

Pam, Epphilia, and me`

The following day we had a little party at the house with some of Logan's friends. They had a lot of fun.
Logan and Josh Collins playing superman

On Friday, I took Logan, Kiki, and Josh to the zoo in Houston. 
It was a terrible idea! Spring Break had brought a serious crowd. The police had closed several roads accessing the zoo and park as well as the parking lot. So I had to drive in circles forever trying to find somewhere to park. Once we made it to the zoo, it was extremely crowded but still a lot of fun.

On our last day, before Jon and Julien got home we woke up early and head back to Alvin to pick strawberries. I was so much fun. We all enjoyed it so much, especially eating them!



We worked up such a sweat after picking our strawberries that we headed to Surfside Beach for a little dip. It was a great way to end to a week filled with fun.

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