Saturday, March 30, 2013

Huntsville Campout!

Oh how we LOVE the Huntsville campout! As soon as the kids got home from school Thursday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed to Huntsville for some mighty fun and relaxing camping. A family in one of the ward reserves about 90 camp sites, and opens an invitation to whomever wants to go in our Tri-Ward area (since it is not a Church sponsored activity). This very campout has been happening for over 25 years. It is very fun tradition that we too have gladly made our own.
This year we bunked up with some good friends the Gillis family.

Jon cleaning up breakfast

The scouts set up some activities for the kids to do such as tight rope walking,
and everybody wanted to try it...

 even Kiki!

They scouts also built a not so stable tower. 
But it was a fun activity none the less.

I had fun teaching the kids on how to feed the squirrels right out of your hand.
Not the safest thing I know!

Kiki chasing her good friend Carson

 Easter Egg Hunt!

Kiki and Pam!

Hayden, Josh, and Logan are ready to charge for the eggs

Julien and Josh being silly!

Jon took Kiki, Logan, and Josh on a canoe ride

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