Sunday, March 17, 2013

50 Miler Canoe Trek!

All packed up and ready to go, Jon and Julien headed out to Nechez River, in East Texas for their 50 Miler canoeing trek. They spent 3 days canoeing the river pulling up on the side of the river bank at night to set up camp, eat, and sleep to do it all over the next day. What an adventure!?! Because they traveled in canoes all their gear had to fit in their own canoe (which was not very big). They didn't even bring water, and had to filter and sanitize their own water the "survival" way. I was so afraid of them getting sick. Luckily no one did.

Last few things to pack!

Jon and Julien on their first night I presume since they look well... not dirty!

Julien and his patrol for the trek
Christopher Martin, Ben Gillis, Julien, and Josh Gillis

Julien and Jacob Bond preparing the fire and heating up their tinfoil dinners on night 1

Jon decided not to bring a tent and settled on his hammock. 
He loves that thing!

And off they go!

Jon and Julien settling for the night! 
Charlie photo bombing the picture (actually all the pictures of Julien and Jon)

Jon and Julien canoed together the entire trek.
They said they had a great time talking and catching up on things. 
15-20 miles a day for 3 days in a little canoe gives you plenty of opportunity to do just that!

Quick stop for lunch!


Having so much fun!

On part of the trek Jon and Julien linked their canoe with Julien's best friend 
Josh Gillis and his dad, Paul Gillis' canoe. Julien, Josh, as well as Jon and Paul loved doing that.

Home finally, and filthy as can be.
They were so tired and sore when they got home but they had a grin from ear to ear, beaming.
It was great to have them home finally, but I was even more glad that they had such a great time.

The story no mother ever wants to hear:

Once settled back home, after a nice shower and dinner Julien looks at Jon, smiles and says to him "should we tell her?" Me, getting a little concerned told them that they had to tell me because I would find out eventually.
 Come to find out on their last night camping, a few minutes after heading to bed, they hear a pack of wolves howling just on the other side of the river bank, followed by the chase then slaughter of wild boars. How traumatizing!
I guess I am grateful that they parked on the OTHER side of the river bank, or it could have been a whole different story.

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