Sunday, November 11, 2012

Renaissance Festival


This weekend we went to the Texas Renaissance Festival in Conroe, TX. The festival is has a permanent  55 acre "home" there meaning the architecture, shops and the buildings stay up year round. When Jon and I went last year we were surprised at how big and well done the festival was. After doing a little research we found out that this was the biggest with roughly 500 000 people going per year during a 2 months season (saturday, sunday only) . That is pretty impressive! We also we very intreaged with the group of people who follow the fairs an live that lifestyle. They are a very bizarre bunch, but make the festival so much more entertaining!

A random woman thought Kiki was so cute that she gave her a flower ring.
Kia Ora of course was thrilled! She spent the longest time admiring it!

Jon really wanted to get the boys something nice, that they would absolutely love. And of course he could not settle on anything less than real swords.  When I went with them to look at a few, the blades were all dull so I was all for it. Well, when the boys unsheathed them when we got home they were a lot sharper than what I agreed to get. Needless to say, the boys won't be able to have them in their room unless they reside in shadow boxes on the wall. 

Look at those faces beaming with joy, showing off their new blades!

A Barbarian War Machine! 
Kind of cool!

Kiki wanted so badly to touch the lama but was so afraid of it, it was really cute.

 It was so fun to look at the kids throughout the day 
only to see them staring at their swords, admiring them.

 Jon and I resting our legs before the mud show

Daddy loves his baby girl and this baby girl loves her daddy!

 The Mud Show!
Basically during the mud show comedians took
 turns diving in the mud trying to win a bet by the best 2 out of 3.

 A walk through the magic forest!

 This was funny but I think getting hit in the face by tomatoes would hurt.

Kiki and her flower crown! 
She loved it!

 Pit stop for a quick family pic.

Jon got me some Elf ears! 

 We were able to see some pretty cool shows while we were there. Of course the jousting is one of our favorites, as well as the fire whip show. We also saw other random music performing group, fire and knife jugglers.... 


Kiki enjoying kettle corn between shows!

 The Royalty!

 Kia Ora and the Princess of France!
Look at that face, when I told her she was a princess her eyes got really big
 and she was not even afraid to get a picture with her. It was so funny!

Kia Ora and Me

 Some people get really into role playing and this guy came up to Julien and Logan and starting talking to them about joining him at war and surviving through a tough winter. Julien was so funny and responded "I have more clothes on then you! I think I'll be fine!"

 Logan and the fire whip show guy.
This guy was so talented.
He was whipping huge whips, knocking objects off 
of peoples hands, mouths, while playing the harmonica. 

 This girl getting sleepy!

This girl is OUT!
It was a long long day for her.

Jester dancing around the arena!

 Jon and me

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