Monday, November 5, 2012

Notre Petit Chez Nous!

Home sweet Home! As promised I am posting some pictures of the home we are renting. We have been in this cute little 1300 square feet, 3 bedroom home since October 29th. What a relief to be in ... well not an apartment! Jon and I love it, and the kids do too!

The back yard is very well shaded with 3 huge pecan trees. The owners told us not to get too excited about the pecans because the squirrels eat them all. (I'm going to have to do some research to see what I can do to stop them from eating them). We also have one or two other fruit trees in the backyard which I can't remember what they are and a Kumquat tree in the front (which I'm very excited about).

 Still the backyard, the view is from the back door out. The property actually extends to the second fence which is where my garden is located at.

Our entrance/ front room!

Dining/ Kitchen!


The Living room,
I just love love love the hardwood floors everywhere!




Master bedroom!




 Master 1/2 bath

Hallway from master bedroom looking out.
1st door on the right goes to living room,
1st door to left goes to Kiki's room, 2nd to left goes to the boys' room.
Straight ahead is the full bath, and to the right opens to the kitchen/ dinning area.

Kia Ora's room!

 I got her little kitchenette at a garage sale (it was free). It was so old and dirty! It had been sitting outside for what seemed to be years (there was so much dirt and mud everywhere). So I cleaned it up and painted it the best I could and voila! I think it looks pretty good!

Julien and Logan's room!

 Our bathroom! 
We only have 1 full bath which is a little of a pain but a whole lot better 
than living in a tinny 900 or worse Wymount's 740 something square feet apartments!

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Katie Bell said...

I love the built-ins in the kitchen and also free stuff from garage sales...congratulations!