Thursday, November 1, 2012

3 Little Trick or Treaters in the Dark on Halloween Night

Kia Ora getting ready!
She loves getting her make- up done. 
She stands so still, it is too cute to watch!

 We first headed to our Tri-Ward Trunk or Treat!

Julien and one of his good friends Josh!

 Logan and his best friends Cameron, and Josh!

 After the Trunk or Treat we headed to a neighborhood 
which we had heard went all out on Halloween. And they were not kidding.
One of the houses we stopped at had homemade haunted house. Jon and Julien went by themselves since Logan didn't want to go and there was no way I would have taken Kiki.

 This crazy skeleton was fun!

Kiki getting very sleepy!

 I just had to share this cute little kid dressed as a cop in his cop car.

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Katie Bell said...

Well, the good news is, your costumes look awesome, the bad news is, I look like a lame mom in comparison.