Friday, November 30, 2012

a little hobby called photography!

I have always loved to take pictures, my only draw back is that I have always had crappy cameras. What I mean to say is that my cameras were always good enough to take generic pictures of my kids in the back yard or around the house, but not good enough to take awesome pictures and get creative.

This past week two of my friends asked me to do her daughter's senior pictures, and family pictures. With a little, I mean a lot of hesitation, I said yes! I thought they turned out kind of good for little me! Afer the shoots, I decided that it is a fun hobby I'd like to take a little more seriously. So after saving for months and months, it might even be a year or two, I'd like to get myself a really nice camera and see where it takes me!

Some of my favorite shots of Cheyenne! I took over 200 pictures and they all turned out awesome. It was hard to pick my favorites.

Michelle, Joseph and Dan!
Dan would not sit still he just wanted to run around and discover new things!

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