Monday, November 19, 2012

An Evening of Brilliance

 This past Sunday, I put together a little piano recital together in celebration of the kids progress. They have only been taking lessons form one of our good friend Alena for 13 months, and have become quite good. Not only have they only been taking for a little over a year, but they have only had classes no more than once or twice a month since Alena lives in Missouri. I am so impressed by how fast they have improved, and so grateful for such an amazing teacher.

Before the recital, I did a little, "VERY CHEESY" photoshoot!

I also put together a little flyer mostly for the grandparents so they would be ready to skype in order to attend the performance.

The boys in action! They were so cute all dressed up with their little bow ties! Logan performed Indiana Jones' "Raider's March", "Called to Serve", "How Firm a Foundation", and "Entertainer".
Julien played "De Bosef", "Papageno", "Fir Elise", and "Because I Have Been Given Much."

Alena with Logan and Julien

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