Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Ring of Power


The pool was closed today, so instead of doing our daily afternoon swim, the kids decided they wanted to make a movie. So Julien, Logan, and I (and Kiki of course) spent the afternoon plotting a script, shooting and editing a video. It was so fun to see them get so into it. After we got done video taping, we did a little photoshoot. Those kids are so brilliant, and creative. I must say, it was fun for me to do this with them. We only had time to make part one and they are hoping to do part 2 really soon. Make sure to ask them about it when you talk to them, they are so proud of it.


Claire Valene Bagley said...
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Claire Valene Bagley said...

Again. YOU are my "mom" hero. I want to be this cool when I have kids. I'm serious.

Gee whiz, Maeva. You have such a great family!

(p.s. I had to post this twice because I misspelled words the first time around. Oops.)