Friday, July 8, 2011

Brazos Bend State Park

Today we went to Brazos Bend State Park to enjoy some time in nature. The kids were able to touch some pretty cool and scary creatures like a tarantula, an alligator, and a snake.  Logan just went for it and was not afraid to pet them, Julien however was not so sure about it.

We saw really cool wild life. It was cool because the animals were not at all afraid of getting close to us...


...which can be scary when those animals are ALLIGATORS!  Yap that is right there were two alligators there hanging out. One of the people on the dock was fishing and before he left he threw his live bait in the lake right to the alligator. The alligator opened his mouth so wide and snapped to fish with so much quickness and force, it was frightening!

Julien and Logan too wanted to fish, and were actually hoping to catch an alligator. 
They are to funny.

On our way home we stopped by this cute little man's home who was selling some of his fruits, and vegetables, along with other homemade product from other locals. I bought a jar of honey because I love honey and was so intrigued. It is really good honey.

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