Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to the most beautiful girl of all!

Kia Ora turned 1 years old today, it was a very bitter sweet feeling for me. I am excited for her to grow, learn, and get older; yet I am sad that she is no longer in that tiny little infant stage. We are so lucky to have Kia Ora in our lives. I truly feel blessed. She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl of all. She already has such a strong personality; she is assertive, and a cute and sassy girly girl. She loves to hug and kiss us all. She is crazy about her two older brothers. We are enjoying every moment of her.

Below are a few pictures from a photoshoot I did from her special day.






Kia Ora got a baby doll for her birthday. She just loved it so much. She was kissing it all day, and wheeling it in her shopping cart. It was just too cute.



Birthday CupCake!

Kia Ora was so funny as we were singing Happy Birthday to her, she was acting nonchalant about things piking at her fingernails. It was too cute. But when it came time to dig into her cupcake after some encouragement of course, she had so much fun, and left quite a mess for me to clean up.



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