Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Julien finishes his craftsman!

This weekend Julien finally finished his last project for his craftsman pin. It was the last requirement he needed to finish in order to earn every single badge in the Webelos book. What an accomplishment! He worked really hard. For this badge alone he had to make seven things, using different materials, and multiple techniques. He made several duck tape wallets, a picture frame, a Captain America shield hot pad made out of clay, a pillow case, a cooking apron, a recipe card holder, and a coat hanger. Let me clarify that Jon and I did not do the projects for him, we showed him how to work the machines, supervised his work, and guided him when he need help, but HE did everything on his own, including shopping for the materials.

Below are a few pictures of him working so diligently.

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