Friday, May 25, 2012

3rd grade check! 4th grade check!

Yap that is right, another school year has already come and gone here at the Ward household. And it's been a very successful one.
Logan finished 3rd grade. He had so much fun this year learning, going on field trips.... His class had several pets such as spiders, lizards, snakes, fish, and many more. During his graduation ceremony he received a citizen award, and a rocket math award for multiplication. He was thrilled!

Logan and his teacher Mrs. Adams

Julien finished 4th grade. He had an amazing year. He made the honor roll every quarter. He really worked hard, and it payed off. He enjoyed going on many field trips, studying science, and learning more math and spelling (says he). He even got to take home his own terrarium, and fish tank with 3 mosquito fish inside. Julien too got nominated for 3 awards: the citizen award,  a rocket math award, and  an AR reading award. He had the 2nd highest AR points, and grade average for the entire school. This year Julien's eyes have been glued to books. He even inherited the nick name book worm.

Julien and his teacher Mrs. Goff

To celebrate their special day and a year full of hard work and accomplishments, Jon and I took them to a hibachi grill. The boys loved it. It was a lot of fun!

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