Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hee Haw Farms

Every fall season, ever since we lived in Pleasant Grove, our family has gone to Hee Haw Farms. They have so many fun activities for the kids. We love going.

At the entrance was a cage with two ferrets. The boys named them Julien and Logan of course.

Jon swung the kids around on the swings.

We did not do the corn maze this year because our stroller was not really equipped for that type of terrain. But the kids did have fun running around on the mini hay bails maze.

Here the boys are having fun on the hay jump.

The boys had a lot of fun in the petting zoo chasing the chickens, and trying to catch pigs.

Julien and Logan shooting corn.

Logan enjoyed a pony ride. Julien thought he was too old to ride.

Boys going down the slide.

We also went on a Hay ride which too us a pumpkin patch where the boys pick there own pumpkin, and Jon and I enjoyed eating sunflower seed right out of the sun flower. It was so cool.

I think the boys had a lot of fun going to Hee Haws, they did not want to leave.

Kia Ora stayed nice and cozy in her car seat.

Jon and I were thrilled to be together as a family enjoying each others company, and watching the boys having so much fun.

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