Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boys bedroom make-over

Julien and Logan's room got a make-over of their own. The boys have needed new dressers for a long while now. We got the dressers when Logan was first born for really cheap. They served us well. But as the boys got older, the drawers became too small and to weak to hold their clothes, and eventually broke. Jon and I managed to mix and match the best pieces of each dresser and keep one for the baby's room. And the boys got two new dressers which are sturdier and more suited for their age.
We also moved the white shelf out of their room to put in the baby's room and got them an other shelf for their books. They got to help Jon build it. They were so happy.

Julien and Logan hammering away!

Here is the final product of their room make-over. I love their new dressers; their room looks so much neater.

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