Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July Celebration!

Yesterday we went to the Freedom Festival in Provo to celebrate the 4th of July. They had a lot of fun shows and activities for children to do for free. They had so many activities that we did not even get a chance to do it all. And even then our day felt packed. First we saw a reptile show. The kids got to go up and pet some of the animals after the show. They really enjoyed it.

Next we took them to do marble art. There they rolled a marble with paint on it on a piece of paper. They repeated the process until their picture was complete.

Jon found the Boy Scout of America station where Julien, Logan, and Alex did some of their favorite activities. First they got to saw a log. Look how cute they are hard at work!

Jon and Logan in action.

Julien and Alex sawed their own log also.

Julien and Alex sawing away.

The boys also got to stamp their wood circles with scouting symbols.

One of the kids favorite things to do was rope making. It looked like so much fun that my mom and I made one also. The boys love their new rope. As a matter of fact they are outside right now playing cowboys with them, lassoing anything they can find.

Then, Jon took the boys to a station where they got to write letters and draw pictures for soldiers while the girls went and got delicious treats to eat for everyone.

Julien, Logan, and Alex also got to play in bounce houses, and blow up obstacle courses. The funny thing is that all those free activities were by the Provo Tabernacle, but right across the street, there was other activities which cost money. The bounce houses across the street were $3.00 per person for just a few minutes, the face painting was $4.00. My question is who would ever pay that much money for those activities, and second, why would you rather pay for something that is free just a few feet away?

After much fun at the Freedom Festival, we headed home where we ate cheeseburgers. Then watched a movie while waiting for the fireworks to start. We then made our way to the MTC field where we watched the fireworks, while eating cotton candy.

The boys had a little too much fun with the cotton candy.

On our way home from the fireworks the boys popped snappers.

Overall I'd say that it was a very fun, successful day!

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