Friday, June 18, 2010

Mommy date with Julien

We have stared this new bead system at our house where the boys get to earn beads or get beads taken away based on their behavior. The contest lasts two weeks, at the end of the two weeks the winner gets to decide what activity he wants to do, and who he wants to go with. Well, on the 5th of June, Julien was in the lead up until that very day, when he decided to go play with friends by our laundromat without telling us. His action resulted in loosing 2 beads, making Logan the rightful winner.
Logan wanted to go to Nickel City with Jon. There they played arcade games, along with a game of lazer tag. They had a lot of fun.
Finally, two weeks later, today, the beads were counted and Julien won. He decided that he wanted to go see Iron Man 2 with me. I was so glad I was able to spend some one on one quality time with him, doing something special, something he wanted to do. Julien is one of the sweetest boys I know. He has a very very big, carrying heart. I am so proud, and especially grateful to be his mom. I love him and Logan so much. Words cannot express how much I love them and how much they mean to me.

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Camilla said...

You are a wonderful mother, and anyone can see that reflected in your boys! I really like that idea of earning/losing beads. I think I'll have to start that with my girls. Miss you!