Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day picnic!

To celebrate Father's Day, I decided to prepare a nice picnic and head to one of our favorite spots during the summer, Bridal Veil Falls. It is so beautiful there. And no matter how crowded it is, Bridal Veils is always a very relaxing, peaceful place to be.

For the picnic, I fixed up something mighty good, something I knew Jon would love. I prepared what Jon called monstrous $6 burger. It was actually a black bean burger which I made from scratch topped with alfalfa sprout, avocado, tomato, and lettuce from our front terrace which sprouted on its own (I'm pretty sure the lettuce sprouted from me emptying my pots last fall.) Along with the burger was some delicious lemon fries. They were so tasty.

For desert, the famous Gateau Maeva au Chocolat. This cake is one of Jon's favorite cakes. I too love this cake for multiple reasons, for one it is really good, and second, I used to make this cake all the time with my grandpa (Grand-pere), my grandpa on my dad's side. In fact, we used to make it so much that he changed the name of the cake in the recipe book and put my name in its place.

Jon enjoying his cake.

After the pick nick we headed to the base of the water fall and let the kids play. Even though the water was so cold, the kids did not hesitate to go dunk their feet. They had a lot of fun. And of course, Julien managed to fall in all the way.

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Camilla said...

The cake looks delicious, Maeva! Bridal Veil falls are gorgeous, aren't they?