Monday, June 1, 2015

Bahrain round 2!

This weekend we were "forced" into another mini outing to Bahrain to fix some visa problems.
We were delighted of course.
We thought it would be a great opportunity to go the Lost Paradise Waterpark and hit Ric's Country Kitchen for some pork eating.
Lost Paradise was a blast. We had so much fun going down slides, wading in the pool, playing and relaxing!

As we got there we saw some friends from Dhahran Aramco Compound and had fun playing a game of volleyball. Later a few others joined in on the game. It was fun!

Eden had fun playing a little ball of his own! 

A turn around the lazy river put Eden right to sleep!

One of my favorite things while at the park is going on slides with Julien and Logan!
I absolutely love it! We have so much fun doing that!

After our fun in the sun we headed to Ric's where we ordered some delicious ribs! YUM!!!!
On our way back to the car a guy on a donkey passed us. I had to do a double take.
The driver and I looked at each other speechless and just started laughing. 

Just a guy riding a donkey without shoes...

 We hit pretty bad traffic on the causeway on our drive home. 
A random guy honked at us and asked if he could give Kiki some toys. 
So this lucky girls was happy as can be on the way home with her new dolls.

Somebody made themselves very comfortable in the backseat!

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