Friday, December 6, 2013

An Awesome Uncle!

My brother Thiefaine works for Jase Bennett founder and co-owner of Jaseboards (they produce and sale longboards). T brought home a few longboards, pads, and helmets for the kids to use while we were here in Utah.
Julien was so happy. He loved going out and riding the boards. We went out everyday.

T told Julien that if he got A's and B's in all his classes by the time we left for Saudi, he would give Julien one of the longboards.
Julien loved that deal and worked very hard all semester.

On his last day Julien brought his home to show Uncle T! He was so proud!

As a final surprise, T got Jase to come to the house and had him sign the boys helmets! 
They were so excited! It was like meeting a celebrity to them!

Jase, Julien, and Logan

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